SEP (Australia) public meetings

Syria, Iran and the geopolitics of American militarism

Just weeks ago, the United States was on the verge of launching war against Syria, an act of aggression that threatened to trigger a broader conflict with Iran, Russia and China.

In the face of overwhelming popular opposition to war within the United States and internationally, the Obama administration made a tactical retreat. It seized upon a Russian proposal to secure a United Nations resolution dictating the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons, and opened up talks to extract political concessions from Iran.

The greatest mistake, however, would be to believe that the various diplomatic intrigues and machinations underway have ended the prospect of war. The Obama administration, backed by its allies, including Australia, will seek to use the UN process to manufacture a pretext for stepping-up the violent regime-change operation it has been directing in Syria for more than two years. Washington is also maintaining its threat of devastating military strikes against Iran’s alleged nuclear programs.

The strategy of US imperialism is to offset its historic economic decline by using military force to dominate key regions and resources against its major economic and geopolitical rivals, not only in the Middle East, but around the globe. In the Asia-Pacific, it is pursuing its “pivot” against China, utilising Australian bases, along with Canberra’s political and military support, to prepare for a military confrontation.

The SEP public meetings will review the historical and political factors driving US militarism, and discuss the revolutionary socialist perspective necessary to mobilise the international working class against the danger of war.

Sunday November 10, 3 p.m.,
Hellenic Community Centre (Lower Hall),
20 Parker St,

Tickets: $3 or $2 concession