Letters from our readers

On “Minnesota Orchestra musicians mark anniversary of lockout with large demonstration

It distresses me greatly, to read this. I grew up in the Twin Cities. I remember years ago when it was called the “Minneapolis Symphony,” and how proud we were in the community, when it evolved into the “Minnesota Orchestra.” I have wonderful memories of attending young people’s concerts, when I was in school. The orchestra inspired me to continue with my own musical studies.

Musicians and artists draw their truth and their strength from their art. Art is at the essence of their personality, their dedication to their work and the rightness of their cause. Thus, they can be formidable opponents in standing up to the dictates of big business. Minnesota is a cold climate, but the people are warm hearted and enthusiastic when it comes to enjoying the arts.

Lesley J
Ohio, USA
2 October 2013

On “Billionaire heiress intervenes in yearlong Minnesota Orchestra lockout

So Marilyn Carlson Nelson has a net worth of $3.9 billion, and the best she and an unspecified number of other Minneapolis multimillionaires could come up with was 0.00043 (0.043%) of Nelson’s own net worth for a fund having the aim of selling out all the members of the Minnesota Orchestra and condemning them to a lifetime of poverty?

Wait! I have a better idea. Let’s have Nelson contribute 1 percent of her net worth towards a direct and equal cash payout to every member of the orchestra, and another 1 percent cash subsidy to the Minnesota Orchestra as an organization.

That would be a subsidy of $39 million to the orchestra itself, and $410,500 to each and every musician, based on a musician complement of 95 players. A nice nest egg for their retirement.

And Marilyn Carlson Nelson still has 98 percent of her fortune to spend on her pet Yorkie, if she happens to have one. Sounds like a good deal all around.

28 September 2013

On “Video: Press conference held for ‘Defend the DIA’ demonstration

The SEP’s intervention in Detroit is admirable. The establishment is up in arms to deprive the masses of their deserved dignity.

The point is clear. Resources are in abundance. Appeal to the working class and the rest of the population. Please rally round the SEP. Prepare to dismantle capitalist structures by overthrowing the inhuman system. Get the current crisis of the humanity, i.e., the crisis of the leadership of the working class resolved through meticulous action. Help Detroiters regain lost dignity through the establishment of a socialist regime by making the SEP the party of the American and the world revolution.

This is an appeal to the working class in the USA. Trade unions and the pseudo-left support American neo-colonialism abroad and destruction of quality of life within. Down with the establishment. Victory to the masses!

Sri Lanka
3 October 2013