Letters from our readers

On the Defend the DIA campaign

Defend the DIA! Congrats to the Detroit comrades on an initial successful intervention. Decades of patient work and clear political perspective are bringing forth its first beautiful blossoms!

It is also quite fitting that the Detroit workers pick up the line of political thought embodied by Diego Rivera at the place that houses one of his most striking works.

In the case of the DIA the words of Andre Breton, one of Diego’s contemporaries, rings forth with new urgency: “Beauty will be CONVULSIVE or will not be at all.”

Coley O
4 October 2013

On “Greek pseudo-lefts support state ban on fascist Golden Dawn

“Moreover, the precedent set by branding a party as a criminal organisation, illegalizing its activities and arresting its parliamentary representatives will be used in the future against the working class and genuinely left-wing opponents of the government and Greek capitalism.”

Thank you for emphasising the dangers attendant on outlawing a political party or movement. If members of a party have infringed a law, then that law can be used against those individual members. Banning a party or movement (a) criminalises every member and every affiliate of that party/movement whether or not they are responsible for any illegal activity and (b) provides a precedent for banning any other party or movement.

Hugh R
6 October 2013

On “Talks continue on deal to fund US government, raise debt ceiling

I recommend your readers view the documentary film Shock Therapy in order to better understand what is currently going on in Washington, DC. After decades of failing to dismantle the social safety net through conventional political means, wealthy, ultra-conservative reactionary elements are contriving to create an economic and social crisis of immense proportions in order to allow the government to enact laws that will not only decimate social programs like Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, etc… but also reduce pensions, veteran’s benefits and a host of government programs designed to help the poor and the working class.

They will use fear and intimidation to get a pliant public to see these changes as necessary to save the nation from disaster. They will use an ultra-right wing Supreme Court to weaken protections for the public and will use decisions such as Citizens United to enable them to purchase a venal corps of legislators at both the Federal and state level to do their bidding.

Attacking Obamacare is just used as a means to rouse the rabble of “useful idiots” to support a plan that will only benefit the top 1 percent or fewer as they attempt to divide the public through appeal to racism and other identity politics. We’ve heard the term “back to the future.” Unless the public sees the charade in Washington for what it is and rallies to defense against the cabal of the two major corporate parties it won’t be “back to the future” but rather “forward to the past.”

Maryland, USA
16 October 2013

On “Republicans, White House move toward deal to extend debt ceiling, cut social programs

I rub my eyes in disbelief. No way is this a good plan for the short, medium or long term. The whole lot is going to come crashing down; anybody can see that whether you are left- or right-wing.

Philip A
11 October 2013

On “US government shutdown closes the National Park Service

Closing down the National Parks is such a disappointment. The parks epitomize the greatness of the nation and serve as such a great place for our citizens and our guests from around the world to soak in and enjoy natural beauty. The same beauty that immigrants over the centuries came to see, were inspired to succeed and built the great country.

During my visit last month to Wyoming I ran into scores of couples and small groups of people from around the world (Europe, Asia, Australia) who were having the time of their lives...even coming in with high expectations, they were blown away.

It is so frustrating to see people who made plans, committed to seeing the parks and to soak in the essence of the USA, to be met with the stink of politics. It is sad. Did this really have to happen?

Petty politics are destroying our nation...

8 October 2013

On “Fearing war and social unrest, Iran’s bourgeois regime seeks rapprochement with Washington

The Iranian leadership must be cognizant of the Libyan example. The Libyan regime paid the reparations demanded by the West. Shipped the components of its research into nuclear fission to the West. And made every accommodation the US demanded. After this process was complete the West destroyed the regime. Unless the current regime in Iran has completely lost its head the maximum it can expect from any US rapprochement is an armed peace. And a well-armed peace at that. By holding out the prospect of an end to sanctions the Iranian regime aims to split the ranks of its internal critics. And even perhaps gain some alleviation from the sanctions. That however would mark the end of its rational expectations.

4 October 2013

On “Washington DC chase ends in shooting death of driver

Why is virtually nobody questioning this overreaction by militarized Capitol police resulting in the death of an unarmed woman of color with a child in the vehicle for what amounts to little more than misdemeanor traffic violation? C’mon guys, raise a little hell here.

8 October 2013

On “Born again: Gravity directed by Alfonso Cuarón

“Here is a consideration of the human spirit totally abstracted from any objective social or historical context, from any of the forces that act on and shape it.”

Another point to bring up is that NASA would never send someone that psychologically damaged into space. They know that if there is a crisis, having someone recovering from the death of a child would probably be more than useless. They would have the various flashbacks that Stone had and would in fact die (and possibly bring along any other surviving crew members with her).

Bryan D
14 October 2013