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Hegel, Marx, Engels and the Origins of Marxism

Mehring Books is pleased to announce that the pamphlet Hegel, Marx, Engels and the Origins of Marxism by David North is now available for online purchase.

In this review of Duquesne University professor Tom Rockmore’s book, Marx after Marxism, David North answers Rockmore’s distortions and falsifications of the relationship between Marx and the German idealist philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

In particular, North takes issue with the claim by Rockmore that Marx’s lifelong collaborator Friedrich Engels distorted Marx’s views and falsely presented him as a materialist. Behind Rockmore’s distortion of the positions of Marx and Engels is an attempt to remove the revolutionary essence of Marxism and recast Marx as an advocate of reformist politics.

In the course of this polemic, North sets out in a positive manner Marx’s materialist reworking of the Hegelian dialectic. Among the works North discusses are Marx’s Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right, Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844, and The Holy Family .

The essay in this pamphlet was originally published in 2006.

Price: $3.00 ($1.99 pdf)

Author: David North

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