Socialist Equality Party public meeting

The Minnesota Orchestra lockout and the defense of the right to culture

Build a committee to mobilize workers, youth, and musicians in defense of the musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra!

The lockout of the musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra is a major political and social event. Across the country, the financial aristocrats and their representatives in the two parties are waging an attack on the social right to culture. Schools, libraries, museums, operas, and other cultural institutions are being closed, while trillions are made available for wars and bank bailouts.

The defense of culture is only possible through the mobilization of the working class in a political struggle against capitalism. The resources to ensure these rights must be made available through the expropriation of the banks and major corporations. The funds being hoarded by the financial elite must be made available to revitalize cultural infrastructure and economic life on the basis of social need, not private profit.

The Socialist Equality Party calls for the formation of a workers, youth, and musicians’ committee for the defense of culture, whose task it will be to mobilize the population of the Twin Cities to break with the Democrats and Republicans and wage a broad campaign in defense of social rights.

Thursday, October 24, 7 p.m.

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Amundson Hall, Room 116