Letters from our readers

On “The witch-hunt of Britain’s Guardian newspaper

I can only applaud this excellent article by Julie. The UK is no longer the place I once knew and it was bad enough when I left in 1984. It has now become a dictatorial and hierarchical class-ridden society plagued by a high cost of living that only the affluent can afford while the poor and disabled members of society are also the victims of a witch-hunt by this post-Thatcherite Coalition government. The frequent scandals of people dying in nursing homes due to abuse and neglect, and the failure to bring to justice an NHS administrator who did nothing about these crimes on his watch, reveal a country that has deliberately taken a turn for the worse. A recent report of an affluent Tory MP verbally abusing a one-legged man in a wheelchair is another prime example of this trend.

Recently, in southern Illinois, the 50th anniversary of George Harrison’s visit to his sister was celebrated and people remarked on how different things were then in terms of a more positive and humane way of life. But, nostalgia aside, that was then and we now have to face the dark implications of our now wherever we are.

It is to the credit of the WSWS for informing readers as to what is happening and why. We can’t say we were not warned. The current attack on The Guardian is the latest example of how bad things now are and why they must change.

Tony W
22 October 2013

On “Reports document US slaughter of civilians in drone strikes

The V1 and V2 rockets were mere child’s play compared to cluster bombs, drones, and cruise missiles. I think we owe the Nazis an apology as well as the families of everyone who lost anyone in WWII. It seems to have been a huge waste of time in retrospect.

23 October 2013

On “Grambling State University football program goes on strike

I believe a better approach would be that taken in April of this year by Spellman College, also an historically black college, in which the administration chose to opt-out of participating in NCAA sports (see “At a College, Dropping Sports in Favor of Fitness”).

The school’s athletic director, Germane McAuley, made it clear that “fitness and intramural programs on campus will emphasize activities that students are more likely to continue after leaving college.”

As is often said, “It takes a woman to do a man’s job.”

Jonathan H
21 October 2013