Letters from our readers

On “Kremlin dismantles Russian Academy of Sciences

Thank you, Clara! As a Russian Academy’s employee I can say that you have done the very correct analysis of this devastating reform.

Moscow, Russia
29 October 2013

On the World Socialist Web Site

Goes without saying: no worker in a clear state of understanding mind could be denied any and all of the factual everyday reporting of the world’s working class struggles, reports that can only be found from reading this fantastic news-site.

What a travesty it would be, if we as the world’s working class ever fail to heed the strong message delivered here, in such clear, precise terms for everyone who wants a better world. More than that: have a lasting future for countless generations to come!

Leroy L
Victoria, Australia
28 October 2013

On “Officer who pepper sprayed UC Davis students awarded $38,000

That might be just me being too narrow-minded, but I’m not sure it can be described as a “cash payment by the State of California for a job well done”.

For one, the state was not going to pay until brought to court.

The ruling implies the idea that what the policeman was asked to do by the university leadership was not supposed to be a normal part of his job (otherwise he would have no way to explain he suffered a prejudice).

And pushing the logic a bit, if they have to pay 30k dollars to every policeman who becomes worldwide famous after a repression, they’re going to be in deficit quickly.

28 October 2013