Letters from our readers

On The pseudo-left Russian Socialist Movement and the dead end of the anti-Putin protests

As Vladimir Volkov noted earlier “the return of Marxism to the former USSR in the broadest sense is identical to the construction of sections of the ICFI in Russia and in other former Soviet republics’’ (“The Russian Socialist Movement-a political trap for the working class”, 23 Dec. 2011). The degenerating political trajectory of pseudo-Marxist RSM excellently described by Andrea Peters really confirms this necessity.



2 November 2013

On The political implications of the NSA exposures

“And what of the ‘war on terror’? US officials continue to evoke the still unexplained events of September 11, 2001 to justify every act of aggression and every attack on democratic rights.” Bollocks! This has been explained thousands of times by the Bush Administration, and every important US official, media outlet, defence analyst, terrorist expert. Why then are so many people so skeptical, nay, quite opposed to the official narrative? Maybe it’s the fault of clarity and nuance? Maybe a new people should be elected?



3 November 2013

On Obamacare and the ‘crisis’ of an aging population

This was a very good article and nails the basics of the ruling elites using the ACA as a means to reduce the aging population. The political elites are setting policies that in the end will cut off medical care to many at a predetermined age. One must understand those policies will exempt preferred individuals, namely the political caste and their corporate benefactors.

Chuck K

Alabama, USA

1 November 2013

On UK lecturers and academic staff stage one-day national strike

A good report by Robert Stevens on the recent UCU strikes in the UK, especially the emphasis on the role of the unions in keeping the strikes trapped in an ineffective strategy. How many one-day strikes will the union members agree to before becoming demoralised and burnt out? Any effective strategy has to involve not only the union members but also wider sections of the working class. That is the problem that is not being addressed by the left generally. By keeping the strikes sectional and limited to a series of one-day strikes, all unions are sabotaging any effective fightback.

One other complaint I have is that there is rightly plenty of complaints about the cut in wages over the past few years but nothing about the cuts in benefits that have taken place. Once again the unemployed are being ignored by the wider labour movement. Of course, this does not come as a surprise but it is maddening.

Solidarity among all workers. Build militant rank and file committees, take the struggle out of the hands of the union and Labour Party saboteurs. Build militant working class consciousness for a better Socialist future!

Dave T


4 November 2013

On The significance of the rally to defend the Detroit Institute of Arts

Thank you Kishore and North for your excellent opinion on the importance of art and culture for the working class, and the genuine layers that increasingly join the movement for socialism under the guidance of the ICFI. The importance of the role of the progressive artist in orienting the working class to revolution is unquestionable. That is why, in this period of global crisis, the beginning of the dissolution of the artistic heritage possessed by humanity has come to stage from Detroit, which was the showcase city for the urban populace on our planet. Down with the US two-party system and its accomplice trade unions. My tribute to the ICFI in its relentless struggle for international socialism.


Sri Lanka

4 November 2013