Mehring Books Holiday Sale ends Monday

Hurry to take advantage of great savings

The Mehring Books Holiday Sale will end Monday, January 6. Be sure to place your order today to take advantage of deep discounts on sale bundles and individual titles.

Some of our most popular sale items include:

Sale bundles

Arts and culture bundle, now just $37.50. An absolutely unique set of works for those interested in the Marxist perspective on art and culture.

Sale Bundle: Writings by David North, now just $27.50. Contains a selection of writings by David North, chairman of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site on basic questions of Marxist theory, history and principles.

SEP Pamphlet Bundle, now just $19.50. This bundle contains a selection of recently published SEP pamphlets covering a wide range of subjects. Among the topics addressed are US militarism, the social crisis, the US Civil War, workers struggles and the defense of art and culture.

SEP Starter Bundle, now just $27.50. This bundle contains a selection of introductory writings on the history and principles of the International Committee of the Fourth International and the Socialist Equality Party (US)

Stalin’s Terror Bundle, now just $27.95. The Stalin’s Terror Bundle includes writings by Russian Marxist historian Vadim Rogovin on the Great Terror. Rogovin demonstrates that the purges of 1937-1938 were aimed at exterminating all those who had any connection to the socialist traditions of the 1917 Revolution.

Single Titles

In Defense of Leon Trotsky (second edition ) by David North ($13.95)

WSWS Chronology: 1998-2013 ($12.00)

Stalin’s Terror of 1937-38 by Vadim Rogovin ($17.95)

1937, Stalin’s Year of Terror by Vadim Rogovin ($17.95)

The Revolution Betrayed by Leon Trotsky ($9.95)

The Spanish Revolution by Leon Trotksy ($9.95)

Political Profiles by Leon Trotsky ($9.95)

Gerry Healy and his Place in the History of the Fourth International by David North ($6.95)

The Economic Crisis and the Return of History by David North ($3.95)

Art as the Cognition of Life by Aleksandr Konstantinovich Voronsky ($17.95)

Problems of Everyday Lifeby Leon Trotsky ($25.20)

And much more....