Letters from our readers

On “Federal judge rules NSA phone data collection is legal

This is really quite remarkable on many levels. A judge, appointed by a Democrat, fully endorsing the policies of a dictatorial state agency. This if anything fully demonstrates the consensus, rather than the supposed gulf, between both of the big business parties. There truly is no constituency for democratic rights among these groups, which lord above the working masses and wield their own imposed “legality” to justify the crimes being committed on a class basis.


28 December 2013

On “New York Times proposes clemency for Snowden: An exercise in damage control

The last few lines of the article tips their hand on this one in regards to making some kind of deal to prevent further releases of information.

Snowden has kept some of the most damning information in reserve to keep some kind of bargaining chip to protect his life. This is certainly understandable for someone playing a very highstakes gamble, but also tied into his political view.

He has stated that he wants to expose the program to bring it under democratic control and stop the worst abuses of the state. I have little doubt he is sitting on info that would show significant spying on media organizations, political parties and groupings and elected officials, academia, etc. Release of this would have unpredictable and explosive effects, something he has not been willing to do, at least up to this point.

Coley O

4 January 2014

On “Civil liberties lawyer Lynne Stewart wins ‘compassionate release’ after four years in prison

Viva Lynne Stewart! What this move by the Obama Administration shows, is the viciousness and vindictiveness of the US justice system, as handmaiden to the state apparatus. In fact, all the nominally independent sections of the government, constitutionally separated from the executive, have now been co-opted as part of state machinery, an essential element in the creep towards a police state. The Constitution in the US, as in other nation states, is seen as an impediment to “good governance,” to be avoided, bypassed or ignored at all costs.

To most thinking people, Lynne Stewart is innocent, and should be awarded a medal by ACLU, and hailed in the media; instead she is viciously punished, as “materially aiding the terrorists.” This is an important plank in the bogus “war on terror,” which, with the criminalising of dissent, is the last nail in the coffin of democracy.

Will there be a formal dictatorship or a police state in the US we debate? Not necessarily, although every element is now in place, except in the case of a mass movement against the regime. Right now, there are enough dictatorial powers and ubiquitous surveillance in the hands of the state, to keep the population obedient and passive.

Miroslaw S


3 January 2014

On “Canada Post to end home mail delivery, slash pensions

Whoever had part in the gross mismanagement and lack of security of all pension funds promised for the foreseeable future should be jailed as these promised and relied upon funds are sacred and should have been treated as such. It has been well known for decades the amount of people who had no idea that their retirement funds were at risk at all. Important funds linked to retirement accounts were spent and put at risk when they should not have been. Heads should roll and some solution to do as promised must be made. Downright shame that the execs still get their huge bonuses and expense accounts paid off of the sweat of the workers who provide the services.

Very Concerned Pensioner

30 December 2013

On “India’s Supreme Court re-criminalizes homosexuality

This is a retrograde step. I could not get the full judgment, neither the previous one from Delhi High Court de-criminalizing something very private between two consenting adults nor the current one from the Supreme Court upholding the criminalization. Besides trying to regulate the sexual behavior between couples, it is based on the concept of the social elite, usually the religious teachers deciding what is moral for individuals.

When I participate in online discussions, I am faced with strange logical rebuttals like “Why do you favor homosexuality?” and “Are you a gay?” The separation between private choice against a social law or criminalization of a socially “unaccepted” practice is not understood.

Further, I find hard to understand how punishment of an individual can solve any behavioral or social problem. But that is a prevailing view, that if something wrong was done, then punish someone.



29 December 2013

On the mass closure of Chicago Safeway stores

[Editor’s note: WSWS has published reports on the topic. See here and here.]

You may have missed what’s happening in Chicago and environs. Safeway has closed some 70 stores, reportedly due to the displeasure of hedge fund investors “unhappy about subscale and marginal” operations.

Hedge fund unhappiness leads Safeway to shutter 70 stores, leaving some communities without any grocery store, and over 6,000 workers left without work.

Wall Street operation displeased with low rate of profit can bring about this kind of disruption and pain. Whatta country!

Bob S


28 December 2013