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On “Against the European Union, for the United Socialist States of Europe!

This article deserves to be widely read by both older and younger workers, not only in the UK and Germany but also internationally. It sums up precisely the dangers inherent within the capitalists’ attacks but also the weaknesses within the working class. These weaknesses lead not only to demoralization, but also opens up a space for a reactionary organisation such as UKIP to take hold.

Saying this does not mean the working class in Britain has moved rightward politically, but it does mean that we have to take into account that the impact that the betrayals which have taken place since 2012, and indeed over the previous thirty years, has had an effect which has in many cases politically disarmed many workers.

At this stage I think it’s important that a positive socialist message is given out in the upcoming European elections, even if this means that initially a small amount of workers takes the message on board. It’s these workers who will be the nucleus of a fight back as the impact of the capitalist crisis deepens and the failure of the so-called left manifests itself. Let’s not forget that it was due to the failures of the Mensheviks in addressing the slaughter of the First World War, poverty and the land question that enabled the Bolshevik party to grow and to lead the first, and only, workers revolution.

Dave T


13 January 2014

On “Inhuman treatment of UK woman in privately-run prison

Incredible and disturbing. Britain is returning to the 19th century.

Charles T

11 January 2014

On “Atheism in the service of political reaction: A comment on author Sam Harris

I found this article to be very helpful. This should be read by all those people who are coming around the new growing atheist movement.



California, USA

8 January 2014