Mehring Books Spring Sale

Mehring Books is pleased to announce the launch of a two-week Spring Sale. Now many of our favorite titles and sale bundles are available at steep discounts. We have also added new bundles, including an Introduction to Trotskyism bundle featuring Trotsky’s classic Revolution Betrayed and In Defense of Leon Trotsky by David North.

This is a good opportunity to stock your Marxist library and to introduce family and friends to socialist works. Most titles and sale bundles are marked down 10 to 50 percent.

Sale Bundles:

New! Detroit Bundle (now $12.95)

New! Introduction to Trotskyism bundle (now $19.95)

The writings of David North bundle (now $27.50)

Arts and Culture bundle (Now $35.00)

SEP Pamphlet bundle (now $19.50)

SEP Starter bundle (now $27.50)

Socialist Starter bundle (now $17.50)

American Imperialism bundle (now $22.50)

Save on individual titles:


In Defense of Leon Trotsky, second edition (now $12.95)

The Suppression of Philosophy in the USSR (now $17.95)

The Revolution Betrayed (now $9.95)

The Spanish Revolution (now $9.95)

Tsar to Lenin DVD (now $12.95), free US shipping!

Works by Vadim Rogovin

1937 Stalin’s Year of Terror (now $17.95)

Stalin’s Terror of 1937-38 (now $17.95)

Two Lectures: Stalin’s Great Terror and Leon Trotsky and the Fate of Marxism in the USSR (now $7.95)

The Russian Revolution

Leon Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution (now $32.40)

The Bolsheviks Come to Power by Alexander Rabinowitch (now $16.20)

The Bolsheviks in Power by Alexander Rabinowitch (now $25.20)

Art and Culture

The Sky Between the Leaves (now $15.95)

Art as the Cognition of Life (now $17.95)

Other sale items

Political Profiles (now $9.95)

Gerry Healy and his place in the History of The Fourth International (now $7.95)

Solidarity in Poland (now $8.95)

Desert Slaughter (now 6.95)

The First 10 Years of American Communism (now $5.95)

Back in Time (now $9.95)

One Long Night (now 7.95)

...and much more.

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