Photo gallery: Socialist Equality Party campaigns in Scottish independence referendum

By Paul Mitchell
29 August 2014

The following is a photo gallery of the campaign of the Socialist Equality Party (UK) for a No vote in the Scottish independence referendum, to be held on September 18.

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The SEP’s campaign has received a very warm response from young people; 16- and 17-year-olds are entitled to vote in the referendum.

In its statement, Vote NO in the Scottish referendum: Fight for a Socialist Britain, the SEP states that “all claims that ‘independence’ is a democratic demand, offering an alternative to cuts and austerity, are lies. The move for separation from the UK is being led by right-wing forces espousing nationalism, whether or not they attempt to dress this up in fake left language. The aim is to transform Scotland into a low tax, cheap labour platform for the benefit of the banks and transnational corporations.”


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