Mehring Books launches holiday sale

Mehring Books is pleased to announce our 2014 holiday sale. Coinciding with the sale, we are featuring a new and redesigned Mehring Books web site, which will make browsing and ordering books and ebooks easier.

The holiday sale provides significant savings over our normal prices, with some titles marked down by 50 percent or more. You will find virtually everything in our stock has been reduced, including perennial favorites. This is an excellent opportunity for readers of the World Socialist Web Site to expand their Marxist library and to introduce friends and family to the ideas of socialism.

This year we are featuring two new sale bundles. The Writings of David North bundle includes his two most recent titles, In Defense of Leon Trotsky (2nd Edition) and The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century.

The Fight Against Imperialist War bundle includes a selection of SEP pamphlets and the book Desert Slaughter: the Imperialist War against Iraq, a collection of articles on the first Gulf War.

Other sale bundles include (for a full list, click here):

* Stalin’s Terror (now just $27.95)

* Socialist Equality Party (now just $19.95)

* Arts and Culture (now just $35.50)

* Marxist Economics (now just $11.50)

* Marxist Theory (now just $25.00)

* Detroit (now just $11.95)

* Introduction to Trotskyism (now just $19.95)

* Socialist Starter (now just $17.95)

Save on these popular titles, priced individually:

New Additions:

* The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century (now just $21.95)

* The Sky Between the Leaves (now just $15.95)

* In Defense of Leon Trotsky, 2nd Edition (now just $12.95)

* The Truth Behind the Bankruptcy of Detroit ( now just $8.95 )

Best Sellers:

* Revolution Betrayed by Leon Trotsky (now just $8.95)

* Tsar to Lenin DVD (now just $12.95)

* Literature and Revolution by Leon Trotsky (now just $14.40)

* WSWS Chronology: 1998-2013 (now just $9.95)

* 1937: Stalin’s Year of Terror (now just $17.95)

* Art as the Cognition of Life by Aleksandr Voronsky (now just $17.95)

* The Crisis of American Democracy by David North (now just $9.95)

* Marxism, History and Socialist Consciousness by David North (now just $6.00)


* The Suppression of Philosophy in the USSR by Yehoshua Yakhot (now just $17.95)

* Gerry Healy and his Place in the History of the Fourth International by David North (now just $6.95)

* Back in Time: The Memoirs of Nadezhda Joffe (now just $9.95)

* The Bolsheviks in Power by Alexander Rabinowitch (now just $25.20)

* Solidarity in Poland by Wolfgang Weber (now just $6.95)

* The Stalin School of Falsification by Leon Trotsky (now just $6.95)

* How the GPU Murdered Trotsky (now just $12.95)

* Political Profiles by Leon Trotsky (now just $9.95)


Mehring Books offers a wide selection of our library in ebook and pdf format. For a full listing, visit our digital publications section.