The Sky Between the Leaves now available in eBook format

The Sky Between the Leaves: film reviews, essays and interviews 1992–2012 is now available in both ePub and Kindle format. This work by World Socialist Web Site Arts and Culture Editor David Walsh is an important contribution to the study of Hollywood and global cinema and belongs in every Marxist library.

As Walsh writes in the Introduction, “These reviews and essays begin from the notion that art is a means of knowing and orienting oneself in the world, that the significant artist strives to make his or her work correspond to the actual nature of things and that work accomplishing this has an objectively true and enduring value. ‘Art points through and beyond itself,’ in Hegel’s phrase, toward essential truths about the wider world of society, human relationships and psychology.”

David Walsh’s writing is unique in the field of contemporary film criticism. His analysis is essential to the development of a conscious and revolutionary critical attitude toward capitalist society.

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