Public meeting in Chicago

The way forward in the fight against police violence

The brutal police murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald and its subsequent cover-up by the administration of Democratic Party Mayor Rahm Emanuel have starkly exposed the reality of class relations in the United States. Implicated in the cover-up is the entire political establishment in Chicago, backed by the Obama administration.

For 13 months, and during Emanuel’s tough reelection campaign, the mayor suppressed video of the murder and protected the identity of the killer cop. He was joined in this conspiracy by the City Council, including its Black Caucus, which voted unanimously to pay $5 million to McDonald’s family on the condition that the video be kept from the public.

With social tensions reaching a breaking point, the police in the United States increasingly function as an occupying force, with a license to kill in order to defend the privileges of the ruling class. Hardly a week passes without another revelation of police violence, while many more atrocities never see the light of day.

The reality of class rule in America is violence, criminality and cover-up. The efforts to prevent public exposure of the murder of Laquan McDonald go hand-in-hand with the Obama administration’s own campaign to shield torturers, defend and expand the illegal and unconstitutional spying on the American people and assert the right to assassinate citizens without due process.

This public meeting will focus on the necessity of building of a political movement in the working class to fight back against the attacks on basic democratic and social rights.

Meeting details:

Sunday, December 13, 11 a.m.
Powell’s Books
1218 S. Halsted Street 60607