Public meeting at Leipzig Book Fair

The return of German militarism and the threat of World War III

Mehring Books (Mehring Verlag) is holding a meeting at the Leipzig Book Fair, which commences later this week. Under the title “The return of German militarism and the threat of World War III”, speakers at the meeting will present the book Scholarship or War Propaganda.

In early 2014 a fundamental change of course was implemented in German foreign policy. German President Joachim Gauck and leading government representatives proclaimed the “end of military restraint” and demanded that Germany once again play a role in Europe and the world commensurate with its economic size and influence.

Two years later leading media outlets refer to the imminent danger of world war and no longer rule out a military confrontation between NATO and Russia. The German army is already in the front line—in the deployment of NATO troops against Russia in Eastern Europe, in Syria and even in Africa. German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen has announced additional military spending of €130 billion.

The return of German militarism has been prepared ideologically on a series of fronts, notably: the playing down of Germany’s crimes in World War I and World War II, the systematic promotion of German great power politics and, finally, the demonization of refugees and asylum seekers. The book Scholarship or War Propaganda documents the polemic with two professors at Humboldt University in Berlin, Jörg Baberowski (History) and Herfried Münkler (Politics), who have played a major role in this campaign.

The authors of the book will speak on the significance of the conflict at Humboldt University and discuss why the struggle against war involves understanding the history of the 20th century, why opposition to war and opposition to capitalism are inseparable, and why the building of an anti-war movement requires a socialist perspective.

The main speakers will be Peter Schwarz, editor of the World Socialist Web Site in Germany, and David North, World Socialist Web Site international editorial board chairman.

Meeting details

Friday, March 18, 2016, 18:00
Leipzig University (Auditorium 3)
Universitätsstaße 3