Worldwide support for International May Day Online rally

Hundreds of workers and young people from more than 40 countries have registered for the May 1 rally organized by the International Committee of the Fourth International. The rally is being held at 1:00 PM US Eastern Daylight Time and broadcast simultaneously throughout the world at internationalmayday.org.

Many of those registering for the rally responded to the ICFI’s call for the building of a new movement of the working class and youth against imperialist war, based on a socialist program.

Christian, from Guelph, Ontario in Canada, writes that he is attending “because I think this political organization is serious about ending war, and I want to hear them out.” Karen, from the US state of Tennessee says, “I oppose all war and want to rally for peace and justice for all people.”

Ronald from Wyoming in the US, writes, simply that it is “time to end endless war,” while Bri, from Michigan, said the she wants “to surround myself with like-minded individuals in hopes to unify in solidarity against war!”

Angela, from Australia, said that she and her friends were “joining the rally to support and participate in the struggle to rid the world of capitalist exploitation and the threat of nuclear holocaust.”

Others pointed to the connection between the war and the social crisis facing millions of workers internationally. Lee, from Toronto, Canada, writes, “It is vital that workers, youth and intellectuals the world over make common cause to build the revolutionary socialist alternative against poverty, war and the growth of fascist barbarism now in preparation by the ruling class everywhere.”

Bradford, from Ghana explains that he is for “another world of freedom from exploitation,” while Sotirios from Greece writes that it is necessary to “stand against the new rise of fascism, which is driven by the imperialist forces.”

Many of those registering are from South Asia, including India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Thous from Kegalle, Sri Lanka, states, “I want to change this corrupted system.” Suneth, from the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo, writes, “I’m a part of the working class. The unity of working class is the best thing that I should be involved in.”

Kalyana, also from Colombo, writes, “In the current world situation of rapid sliding to a world war, the unity of the working class internationally is a must for the survival of the mankind. Only the IC and the WSWS are devoted to this task, and this rally is a one but massive step towards this task. So everybody has a duty to attend this rally and bring more and more like minded people for this event.”

Hamza, from Islamabad, Pakistan writes that he is attending the rally “because I am very much interested in socialism.” Shibadatt, from Bangalore, India, explains that it is necessary to end “corruption in the country and terrorism in the world.”

From the Americas, Marcelo, from Montevideo, Uruguay, wrote to the WSWS that he is attending the rally “to continue the struggle of the international working class for socialism.” Josue, from Costa Rica, said that he hopes to “join the discussion on how to build a workers revolutionary movement directed to the destruction of capitalism and building of a free and equal society.”

Alex, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, said that it was necessary to “honor at least the will of the citizens to work and live in a state of dignity.”

Registrants have signed up from most of the states in the US. Jessica, from New York, writes that she wants “to learn more about how I can help end world oppression by oligarchies and capitalism.” William, from Colorado, explains that “this is my first official foray into the world of socialism, and I need the knowledge this rally gives so I can assume my place in the historical revolution of the working class.”

Tonelle, from Florida, writes, “My understanding of world events has been greatly improved since subscribing to the World Socialist Web Site newsletter.”

Justine, from Washington, states that she is attending the rally “because the international working class is the only social force that can stop imperialist war and end social inequality, and the WSWS is the only publication fighting for the international unity and mobilization of the working class. The previous May Day rallies by the WSWS have been highly educational.”

The WSWS urges all workers and youth to make plans to attend today and to register at internationalmayday.org!