Workers and students speak on inequality, war at Sanders rally

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made a two-day stop in San Diego last weekend, including a rally on the 21st in National City on the US-Mexico border. National City is an overwhelmingly working class and immigrant community, and some 10,000 came to see Sanders speak.

Sanders rally video

Sanders made repeated denunciations of social inequality and the top 1 percent of the population, which got a strong response from the crowd. Next to nothing was said about Obama’s foreign policy, which Sanders unambiguously supports, and the expanding wars of American imperialism that are leading to a new world war.

While Sanders is seeking to direct opposition behind the Democratic Party and the capitalist system, many of those supporting his campaign are looking for a way to oppose social inequality and war. The WSWS spoke to students and workers at the rally about the political issues surrounding the 2016 election and the fight for socialism.