Queensland SEP candidate discusses socialism and war on 4ZZZ radio

One of the Socialist Equality Party candidates for the Senate in Queensland in the Australian election, Mike Head, was interviewed on Wednesday night on Brisbane’s community radio station, 4ZZZ. The station has an international audience of 500,000 listeners monthly.

The interview, conducted by Blair Martin on the Queer Radio show, began with the October 1917 Russian Revolution and its immense global impact, and then turned to the historic struggle of the Fourth International, founded by Leon Trotsky, to defend and take forward the fight for genuine socialism against Stalinism.

The discussion ranged widely, including on the danger of war, the expanding support for the Socialist Equality Parties globally, the growing quest by workers and young people for an alternative to the political establishment’s program of war and austerity, and its attacks on basic democratic rights. Head also explained the SEP’s attitude toward parliament and the anti-democratic preferential voting system.

The interview promoted the SEP’s election rally in Brisbane this Saturday, June 25, where Head and fellow SEP Senate candidate Erin Cooke will speak on the SEP’s fight to build an international anti-war movement and revolutionary leadership in the working class. The meeting is being held at the Woolloongabba Senior Citizens Hall, 22 Qualtrough St, Woolloongabba, at 2p.m.

To listen to the interview, go to 4ZZZ’s podcast.

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