US SEP Presidential Candidate Jerry White to speak in Montreal this Saturday

US Socialist Equality Party (SEP) Presidential Candidate Jerry White will address a public meeting in Montreal this Saturday, September 24 at 2 p.m. (For meeting details scroll to the bottom.)

White’s campaign has enormous significance for workers and youth around the world. It is directed at arming the American working class with a socialist perspective and uniting its struggles with those of workers in Canada, in Mexico and around the world in a common offensive against capitalist austerity and imperialist war.

The 2016 US elections exemplify the manifest failure of capitalism and the ruling elite’s embrace of war and reaction. The American people are being asked to choose between two right-wing representatives of the corporate and financial aristocracy: Democrat Hillary Clinton, the preferred choice of Wall Street and the Pentagon, and the billionaire and fascistic Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Regardless of who wins the November election, the ruling class is preparing a massive campaign of military violence abroad and an intensification of the assault on the working class at home.

After experiencing the catastrophic consequences of the crisis of the capitalist system—wars, rampant social inequality, unemployment and economic insecurity, growing state repression—millions throughout the United States and all over the world are beginning to ask the question: What is socialism?

The US SEP has intervened in the US elections to answer this question and, in preparation for a resurgence of class struggle, to build among workers and young people a genuine socialist leadership.

The SEP (Canada), which is hosting Saturday’s meeting, urges all WSWS readers and those interested in a genuine socialist alternative to attend our Montreal meeting. A discussion period will follow White’s report.


Saturday, September 24, at 2 p.m.

Centre-St. Pierre, Room 204

1212 Panet (near Metro Beaudry on the Green Line)