David North’s A Quarter Century of War now available in ePub and Kindle formats

Mehring Books is pleased to announce the ePub version of David North’s latest work, A Quarter Century of War: The U.S. Drive for Global Hegemony 1990 2016. Both ePub and .mobi versions are now available from Mehring Books and will also be offered on Amazon and Apple iTunes for $9.99. The ePub will be available soon for librarians through EBSCO.

North’s book provides a comprehensive analysis of the evolution of American foreign policy over the past quarter century, from the first Gulf War of 1990–91, to the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Yemen.

The author challenges conventional justifications of American militarism in the name of “human rights” and the “War on Terror,” arguing instead that successive administrations have viewed war as a means to counteract declining US economic power and growing domestic political tensions.

There is an intimate connection between the US drive to war, the breakdown of the post-war nation-state system, and the 1991 dissolution of the USSR. As early as August 1990, with the first Bush administration preparing for war against Iraq, North wrote that the action “marks the beginning of a new imperialist redivision of the world,” a prediction borne out in the tragic events of the past quarter century.

You may also be interested in listening to the online interview with David North, streamed on September 27.

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