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Week 1: The Russian Revolution

In a few months we will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the greatest event of the 20th century. Mehring Books offers many titles for you to learn more about this momentous event that continues to shape the present day.

We are excited to announce a centenary edition of the extraordinary cinematic account of this event, Tsar to Lenin—with dramatic documentary footage from the mass uprising that overthrew the centuries-old Tsarist regime in February 1917, to the Bolshevik-led insurrection eight months later that established the first socialist workers’ state, and the final victory in 1921 of the new Soviet regime over counterrevolutionary forces after a three-year-long civil war. This 1917 Centenary Edition contains subtitles in 15 languages.

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The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century (David North) One hundred years after the outbreak of World War I and the Russian Revolution, none of the problems of the twentieth century—devastating wars, economic crises, social inequality, and the threat of dictatorship—have been solved.

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The Revolution Betrayed (Leon Trotsky) Trotsky’s analysis of the structure and dynamics of Soviet society and of the Soviet Union remains unsurpassed.

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Lessons of October (Leon Trotsky) [ePub or Kindle] The 1923 analysis insisting on absorbing the lessons of the 1917 Russian Revolution for the sections of the Communist (Third) International—or face disaster. The growing Stalinist bureaucracy responded furiously.

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History of the Russian Revolution (Leon Trotsky). In this work, Trotsky, writing from the unique vantage point of a leading participant in both the 1905 and the October 1917 revolutions, explains the historical events, socioeconomic processes and political struggles that led to the creation of the world’s first workers state.

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To the Masses: Proceedings of the Third Congress of the Communist International, 1921 (John Riddell, ed.) NEW! Available for the first time in English, this 1299-page collection of documents contains the record of the Third Congress of the Communist International under the leadership of V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky.

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Ten Days that Shook the World, (John Reed) Reed’s classic eyewitness account of the October 1917 revolution in Russia.

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My Life (Leon Trotsky) The autobiography of the outstanding leader of the Russian Revolutions of both 1905 and 1917 and of the fight against Stalinism.

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History of the Bolshevik Party (Grigorii Zinoviev) The 1924 edition of Zinoviev’s lectures on the history of the Bolshevik party from its origins in the late 19th Century through February 1917.

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The Bolsheviks Come to Power: The Revolution of 1917 in Petrograd (Alexander Rabinowitch) A lively account of the stormy events leading to the October 1917 Russian Revolution.

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The Bolsheviks in Power: The First Year of Bolshevik Rule in Petrograd (Alexander Rabinowitch) An essential reference point for the study of the political and social aftermath of the overthrow of the bourgeois Provisional Government and the establishment of the Bolshevik regime.

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