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Week 2: Build the Socialist Equality Party!

The installation of the fascistic billionaire Donald Trump as President of the United States and his ultra-right-wing administration ushers in an era of explosive political struggles, both at home and internationally. Now is the time to join the Socialist Equality Party and build the revolutionary leadership for the coming struggles. This week we are offering essential reading for building the Trotskyist movement, at discounted prices.

Socialist Equality Party Bundle Introduces the history of the Socialist Equality Party and its predecessor, the Workers League. This collection reviews the strategic experiences through which the working class and the international Trotskyist movement have passed over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries. Includes six titles: The Historical & International Foundations of the Socialist Equality Party, The SEP Statement of Principles, the 1988 Perspective of the ICFI, The Workers League & the founding of the Socialist Equality Party, the Workers League Perspectives of 1993, the Perspectives & Tasks of the Socialist Equality Party 2008-2010 .

Regular price: $25.00. Available now for $22.50

Historical and International Foundations of the Socialist Equality Party Tracing essential historical events and political experiences spanning more than a century, the work establishes the theoretical and political basis of the struggle for socialism.

Regular price: $9.95. Available now for $8.00

Principles of the Socialist Equality Party This statement was unanimously adopted by the founding Congress of the Socialist Equality Party (US) held August 3-9, 2008.

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Lessons of the Bernie Sanders Campaign Examines the political role of the Sanders campaign, which employed radical phrases in order to contain rising working class opposition and keep it trapped within the confines of the existing political and economic system.

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The Heritage We Defend (David North) The work reviews the political and theoretical disputes inside the Fourth International, the international Marxist movement founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938. Against WRP renegade Michael Banda, it analyzes the defense of Trotskyism by James P. Cannon and the Socialist Workers Party through the 1950s, a banner taken up by the British Socialist Labour League under Gerry Healy in the 1960s, and defended by the ICFI in the 1980s.

Paperback available now for $18.95, or in ePub or Kindle format for $8.99

In Defense of Leon Trotsky (David North) Defends Trotsky’s legacy against the campaign of historical falsification begun by Stalin and continuing to this day. Exposes the lies told about Trotsky by British academics in three recent biographies, which aim to forestall renewed interest in the great revolutionist.

Paperback, hardcover and ePub available now at discounted prices .

Socialism and the Fight Against War (International Committee of the Fourth International) The ICFI has issued a call to the working class and youth to build a new international anti-war movement on an anti-capitalist and socialist basis.

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The Transitional Program (Leon Trotsky) The founding program of the Fourth International, the World Party of Socialist Revolution, adopted at its initial September 1938 conference held in Paris, while Trotsky was in exile in Mexico.

Available for $3.00

The Workers League and the Founding of the Socialist Equality Party (David North) Elaborates the political and theoretical foundations upon which the Workers League based its decision to found a new party.

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Race, Class and Police Violence in America Draws the connection between intensifying police violence at home and the pursuit of war overseas.

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The Truth Behind the Bankruptcy of Detroit The bankruptcy of Detroit was a political conspiracy and a social crime, designed to set a national precedent in the looting of employee pensions and public assets.

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The ICFI and the Split with the WRP Bundle The 1985-86 split by the British Workers Revolutionary Party with the ICFI involved fundamental questions of Marxist program and perspective. Includes Gerry Healy and his place in the history of the Fourth International, The ICFI Defends Trotskyism and How the Workers Revolutionary Party Betrayed Trotskyism 1973-1985 .

Regular price: $15.00. Available now for $13.50