Week Three: The Struggle Against War


With President Elect Donald Trump set to take office in January, he is already stoking up tensions with China. His “America First” policy will increase global tensions under conditions of deepening slump and growing inter-imperialist conflicts. The danger of a war between nuclear-armed powers is mounting as the US provokes conflicts around the globe.

The International Committee of the Fourth International has urgently called for the building of a new international anti-war movement, based on the working class and directed against the capitalist system.

For Week Three of our Holiday Sale, we are featuring books on the fight against imperialist war.

We are pleased to announce that Trotsky’s important work The War and the International, 1915 is now available in ePub and Kindle format. This statement was written in 1914 during Trotsky’s two-month stay in Zurich where he had arrived from Vienna, which he left on the evening of August 3rd, the day Germany declared war against France. Long out of print, it contains an unsurpassed analysis of the driving forces of imperialist war. E-pub and Kindle $7.99

Also featured:

*A Quarter Century of War by David North now $17.95

*The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century now $17.95

*Imperialism by V. I. Lenin now $5.35

*The Fight Against Imperialist War Bundle now $19.95

*American Imperialism: Sale Bundle now $22.50


*Socialism & the Fight Against Imperialist War – resolutions from Feb 18, 2016 & June 9, 2014 now $2.70

*Socialism and the Fight Against War now $3.00