Final Week! Mehring Books Holiday Sale|

Leon Trotsky and the struggle against fascism

The Mehring Books Holiday sale is ending soon, but there is still time to take advantage

of great savings on our wide selection of socialist literature.

For the final week of the sale we are featuring works by Leon Trotsky and other socialist writers on the struggle against fascism. With the rising influence of far right and ultra-nationalist forces all over the world, the lessons of the tragic experiences of the working class in the 1930s is of critical importance. These writings examine basic questions of Marxist strategy, tactics and orientation involved in the fight against fascism in Germany, Spain, Italy and France.

This week we are featuring the pamphlet, newly available at Mehring, “Fascism, What it is and how to fight it”, which contains a collection of essays by Trotsky excerpted from some of his major works devoted to a Marxist assessment of the class nature of fascism and the strategy and tactics required by the working class to confront this deadly menace.

Other featured works include:

The Struggle Against Fascism in Germany by Leon Trotsky. These articles and essays trace the rise of Hitlerite fascism in Germany and offer a trenchant critique of the policies of the German Communist Party, which permitted the fascists to take power without a shot being fired. Trotsky insisted that the victory of fascism in Germany was not inevitable. Hitler was able to come to power only after the mass socialist and communist parties had shown themselves to be politically bankrupt in the course of the entire period following the end of World War I.

The Spanish Revolution by Leon Trotsky. These writings by Trotsky examine the lessons of the great revolutionary movement of the Spanish working class in the 1930s, tragically aborted and betrayed by the Stalinist Communist Party into the hands of Franco’s fascists. Among the topics this work examines in depth are the Popular Front, the role of the centrist Workers Party of Marxist Unification (POUM), anarchism, Stalinism and basic questions of revolutionary strategy and tactics.

Revolution and Counterrevolution in Spain by Felix Morrow. This work, written in the midst of the great battles of the Spanish working class in the 1930s offers a penetrating critique of the Popular Front policies of the Stalinist Communist Party. Morrow not only analyzes the counterrevolutionary role of Stalinism but takes up the policies of the anarchist CNT and the centrist Workers Party of Marxist Unification (POUM), whose policies played a central role in the defeat of the revolution at the hands of Franco’s fascists.

Leon Trotsky on France. This book includes the most important writings of Leon Trotsky on the upsurge of the French working class in the 1930s, culminating in the great general strike of 1936. Trotsky deals with such questions as the tactic of the united front and the formation of workers militias to defend working class organizations against fascist attack. He also deals with the Popular Front and the French Radical Party.