Registrations from throughout the world for Russian Revolution centenary online lectures

Workers and students in India express strong support

Workers, young people and others from more than 55 countries have signed up to participate in the International Committee of the Fourth International’s (ICFI) online lecture series to commemorate the centenary of the Russian Revolution.

David North, chairperson of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site, will give the first lecture, “Why Study the Russian Revolution?” The lecture will be streamed on YouTube on Saturday, March 11 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (time zone conversions here).

Edwin from Zimbabwe wrote that he is “interested in fighting capitalism and empowering the working class. Throughout the world, particularly in Africa, most ordinary people are exploited. The capitalists all over the world use the poor and give them peanuts.”

David from Australia said, “I am attending to deepen my understanding of the Russian Revolution and to learn how the working class can apply these lessons in working towards revolution today.”

James from Michigan wrote that he was attending to “learn how to overthrow the tsars of this current society.”

Humair from Pakistan said he was participating to “learn the work of Lenin, Trotsky and other people associated with the October Revolution to bring the good of that ideology to the country I live in.”

Last Sunday, supporters of the ICFI in India held a public meeting in Chennai, “World War and the Russian Revolution” as part of the ICFI’s commemoration of the centenary. During their campaign to build the meeting, ICFI supporters discussed the significance of the lectures and won a warm response from workers, youth and students.

Seninban, an information technology worker who participated in Sunday’s meeting said he had registered to attend the online lecture series. “History demonstrates that capitalism in its decay was driven towards war for the re-division of the world. Was it not true? In this regard, socialists must understand the need to reread Marxism.

“The Fourth International categorically states that we must move forward in the footsteps of our founders of communism, to mobilize the working class internationally. Let us congratulate the initiative taken by the ICFI in this regard and make it a successful event.”

Several youth expressed their interest in the online lectures.

Aiyanar, a student at Pachaiyappa College in Chennai, spoke about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attacks on farmers and his interest in the centenary commemoration of the Russian revolution.

“I come from an impoverished farmer family near Poonadamalli. In our village, small and middle farmers are in dire crisis. Their stress drives them toward suicide attempts. They don’t get any help from either central or state governments. The poor people are the worst affected as a result of Modi’s demonetization measure.

“I read the brochure you have distributed on ‘World war and Russian Revolution.’ Today we witness similar tendencies that were characterized by Lenin as ‘War and Revolution.’ I have read about the Russian Revolution in history books. But I have learned more about it from your brochure. I read the WSWS and will support your efforts to build a world party.”

Kesavan, a second year student from an agricultural family in Madurai said: “I like your world party and the World Socialist Web Site. Because I understand that today, under the globalized economy, we need an international movement. I am happy to participate in your online lecture series on the Russian Revolution. I have learned from your publication that the CPI and CPM [India’s main Stalinist parliamentary parties, the Communist Party of India and the Communist Party of India (Marxist)] in this country are not real communists. I don’t like their alliance with AIADMK, DMK, VCK and DMDK [regional bourgeois parties in Tamil Nadu]. They don’t talk about the fight against war or the fight for socialism.”

Daniel, a second year student at Pachaiyappa college who is also from an impoverished farmer family said: “I understand very well that the present political situation is more similar to the situation a century ago when the First World War and socialist revolution erupted. We don’t see any future in the present system. There is a need to fight for an alternative.

“I see a big difference in what I have learned in history books and your analysis about the world war. So I am interested to register to participate in the full lecture series.”