ICFI supporters in India call meeting on “World War and the Russian Revolution”

Indian supporters of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) will hold a public meeting entitled “World War and the Russian Revolution” in Bangalore, the state capital of Karnataka, on May 1. The event is part of the ICFI’s commemoration of the centenary of the October 1917 Revolution and its ongoing online lecture series.

As the World Socialist Web Site warned following Washington’s cruise missile attack on Syria and its Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bombing in Afghanistan, the US has opened up a new chapter in its war for global hegemony that began more than a quarter century ago with the invasion of Iraq. These military attacks and ongoing threats against North Korea are only the prelude to broader wars with the potential for a direct clash with nuclear-armed Russia and China.

The Modi government has transformed India into a frontline state in the US military-strategic build-up against China and is strengthening military ties with the US. Last August, New Delhi signed an agreement giving the US military access to Indian bases. The country has become a major service and repair hub for the US Seventh Fleet, which is central to US war preparations against China.

These moves threaten to draw all of South Asia into a military conflagration between the US and China, with deadly consequences for the working class and oppressed masses in the region and internationally.

The Bangalore meeting will discuss the deepening crisis of US and world capitalism, as well as the drive toward a third world war and dictatorial forms of rule. Speakers will explain that the only way to prevent such a disaster is the mobilisation of Indian workers as a part of an international anti-war movement of the working class to put an end to the outmoded capitalist system, the source of imperialist war.

Herein lies the contemporary relevance of the Russian Revolution in October 1917, the first shot of the world revolution, which arose out of the immense devastation of World War I. Workers today need to draw the political lessons of the struggle by Lenin, Trotsky and Bolsheviks, who led the Russian working class to seize power.

We call upon workers, students, youth and intellectuals to attend the Bangalore meeting, which will discuss the revolutionary tasks now facing the working class and oppressed masses.

Date and Time: Monday, May 1, 10:00 am

Venue: 2nd Floor, Jai Bheem Bhavan,
New Mission Road, 16, 1st Cross Road
(Intersection of Lalbagh Main Road and 1st Cross Road)
Near Poornima Theatre, Bangalore 560027
Walking distance from Town Hall and Market Bus Stop, via Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College (see map)