Socialist Equality Group public meeting in Wellington

After the New Zealand election: The way forward in the fight against war

The 2017 New Zealand election campaign is occurring against the backdrop of deepening international tensions and the danger of world war. Attempting to reverse its economic decline, US imperialism has waged brutal wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, and is threatening nuclear-armed China and Russia. President Trump has recklessly declared that he is willing to start a nuclear war with North Korea.

New Zealand’s entire political establishment supports the alliance with Washington and is prepared to drag the country into a catastrophic war to defend New Zealand’s own neo-colonial interests. In defiance of widespread antiwar sentiment, the National Party government, supported by the Labour Party, has sent troops to Iraq and Afghanistan and both parties said they would consider joining a war against North Korea.

Billions of dollars have been allocated to the military while health, welfare and education have been starved of funds. Inequality has reached unprecedented levels, one in 100 people are homeless and one quarter of children live in poverty.

Whatever the election outcome the next government will intensify the assault on living standards. Labour, the Greens, NZ First and the trade unions have scapegoated immigrants for the social crisis and promoted anti-Chinese xenophobia to condition the population to support war.

To fight against war and austerity the working class needs its own party, opposed to all the capitalist parties and based on a socialist and internationalist program. The Socialist Equality Group calls on workers and young people to attend our public meeting to discuss these vital issues and the way forward for the working class.

Meeting details:

Sunday, October 1, 3:00 p.m.
Russell Keown House, Meeting Room 1
Lower Hutt
Admission: $2