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New pamphlet: The social and political roots of mass shootings in America

The question of mass violence in American society has evoked a powerful reaction among student youth, who have responded to the shooting deaths of 17 people at Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, Florida by organizing nationwide protests.

The new pamphlet from Mehring Books, The social and political roots of mass shootings in America, provides a deeper insight beyond the sensational headlines.

Unending wars, police murders, massive social inequality, a surveillance state and an unresponsive political system have had a deep impact on broad layers of the population. Millions of young people are seeking to come to grips with the roots of the diseased state of American society, beyond simplistic calls for tighter gun control.

This collection of articles from the World Socialist Web Site makes the case that the root cause of mass violence in America lies in the capitalist system—its wars and repression—and the nightmarish world it has created. Spanning nearly two decades, the essays in this pamphlet provide penetrating insight into the present situation and offer a program for young people and the working class as a whole. The Socialist Equality Party and its youth movement, the International Youth and Students for Social Equality, take as an encouraging sign the growing interest among young people in socialism and seek to give conscious expression to these strivings.

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