Montreal meeting today to discuss Canada-US strategic alliance and the threat of world war

The Socialist Equality Party (Canada) is holding a public meeting in Montreal this evening—Wednesday, March 28—to advance the struggle to build a global, working class-led movement against imperialist violence and war. For meeting details, please scroll to the bottom.

Behind the backs of the population, Canada’s ruling elite is supporting and integrating Canada ever more fully into Washington’s reckless drive to maintain its global hegemony through aggression and imperialist war.

The Trudeau Liberal government is hiking military spending by 70 percent over the next decade, to more than $32 billion per year, so as to buy new fleets of warplanes and battleships and develop cyber-war capabilities. Following on from Harper and his Conservatives, the Liberals have also expanded Canada’s role in Washington’s principal military-strategic offensives—against Russia and China and in the Middle East—and they have repeatedly pledged their readiness to serve as the closest international ally of the Trump administration, the most rightwing and bellicose in US history.

Canada’s capitalist elite, including its Quebecois component, are determined to uphold and expand their more than seven-decade military-security partnership with Washington, because they view US global dominance as vital to asserting their own predatory interests on the global stage.

Meanwhile, the other imperialist and great powers have responded to the series of illegal wars that the US has mounted over the past quarter-century and the intensified struggle for markets, profits and strategic advantage provoked by the 2008 financial crisis by developing their own plans for rearmament and aggression.

This turn toward militarism is accompanied by an ever-widening assault on the social and democratic rights of working people.

The international working class is the only force that can prevent crisis-ridden capitalism from plunging humanity, as it twice did in the last century, into a catastrophic global conflagration.

Wednesday’s meeting will elaborate the socialist internationalist perspective that must animate the struggle against imperialist war and the Trudeau-Trump alliance. We encourage all WSWS readers to attend and participate in Wednesday’s discussion.

Wednesday, March 28 at 7PM
Centre St.-Pierre, Room 203
1212 Rue Panet (Between Ste. Catherine Est and René Lévesque Est)
—Near Metro Beaudry on the Green Line.