New from Mehring Books: Flint: A Crime of Capitalism

Mehring Books is pleased to announce that the new SEP pamphlet, Flint: A Crime of Capitalism, is now available for online purchase.

On April 25, 2014, the mayor of Flint, Michigan, Dayne Walling, pushed a button ending the city’s 50-year reliance on the Detroit water system, shifting to water from the heavily polluted Flint River. This act set in motion an environmental and health disaster with few precedents in American history.

In addition to being poisoned, losing unborn babies, enduring an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease that killed at least 12 people, and suffering a generation of children facing lifelong neurological damage, the population as a whole has suffered immense trauma and stress, not to mention the collapse of their home values.

This disaster, presided over by both Democratic and Republican politicians, contains enormous lessons. It demonstrates the subordination of all aspects of social life to the insatiable profit demands of the corporations.

The World Socialist Web Site has provided, and continues to provide, unparalleled reporting and analysis since the first days of the water crisis in Flint. This pamphlet contains a selection of articles, in chronological order, tracing the course of these tragic events. Order now for $3.50