SEP anniversary meeting in Sri Lanka denounces anti-immigrant attacks

The following resolution was unanimously endorsed at the Sri Lankan Socialist Equality Party’s 50th anniversary meeting, held in Colombo this month.

This assembly strongly denounces the brutal attacks launched by the Trump administration in the US and other imperialist regimes, including the European powers, against immigrants, and expresses its full support for the campaign being waged by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) and the Socialist Equality Party in the US.

The assault on immigrants is a global phenomenon. Anti-immigrant policies are being implemented in country after country, in Europe and beyond. These measures are not limited to the right-wing parties; all the parties of the ruling class are increasingly embracing the anti-immigrant policies of extreme-right fascist forces. The basis of the policies being implemented by the Trump administration was established by his Democratic Party predecessor.

The attacks on immigrants express the degeneration and sharp crisis of the capitalist system as a whole. The bourgeoisie has no progressive solution for social problems such as unemployment, poverty and inequality that are intensifying under capitalism. They have made immigrants scapegoats for these problems and are attempting to divide local workers against their immigrant colleagues.

This assembly unconditionally defends the right of workers to live and work in any country of their choice, with full citizenship rights, and insists upon the necessity for a united movement of workers internationally to defend immigrants. We also declare that this must be a movement for the building of the unity of the world working class on the perspective and program of international socialism.