Indian Trotskyists to hold meeting on 80 years of the Fourth International

Indian supporters of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) have called a public meeting in Chennai to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Fourth International and the 50th anniversary of the Socialist Equality Party, the ICFI’s Sri Lankan section.

The world Trotskyist movement embodies the entire heritage of the fight for scientific Marxism. The ICFI is the only political tendency fighting to unite the working class of the world on the basis of a socialist and international perspective against fascism and dictatorship, social counter-revolution and war.

The Fourth International was founded by Leon Trotsky, co-leader of the 1917 Russian Revolution, as the revolutionary leadership of the international working class. It was established in a life-and-death struggle against imperialism, and all of its agencies, including Stalinism, which usurped political power from the working class in the Soviet Union in the interests of a privileged bureaucracy and repudiated the perspective of world revolution.

The Fourth International, led by the ICFI since 1953, has a record of principled, revolutionary struggle spanning eight decades.

The Sri Lankan Socialist Equality Party has played a leading role in this fight in South Asia. Founded as the Revolutionary Communist League in 1968, it has an unblemished record in the fight for the political independence of the working class from every faction of the Sri Lankan ruling elite, and for the unity of the working class, against the communalism and nationalism promoted by the political representatives of the bourgeoisie.

This struggle for Trotskyism is now intersecting with an upsurge of the working class around the world, including in India. Workers and youth, who are increasingly attracted to socialism, must be educated in the strategic experiences of the working class that are concentrated in the history of the ICFI.

A leading member of the Sri Lankan SEP will address the Chennai meeting. We urge workers, the oppressed, young people, students, intellectuals and WSWS readers to attend the meeting and take part in what will be a critical discussion about the perspective of socialist revolution.


Date and Time: November 18, at 4 pm
Venue: Madras Reporters Guild, Chepauk, Chennai – 600005
(Behind the State Guest House & near Chepauk Cricket Stadium)