Vote Niles Niemuth, Socialist Equality Party, for US House of Representatives in Michigan’s 12th district!

The WSWS urges all its readers who reside in the 12th Congressional District of Michigan to vote today for Niles Niemuth, the Socialist Equality Party’s candidate for US Congress. Niles has waged his campaign based on a socialist, anti-war and anti-capitalist program in the interests of the working class in Michigan and around the world.

The US midterm elections are being held under conditions of intense political crisis. The Trump administration is escalating its fascistic attack on immigrants as it seeks to develop a far-right movement based on extreme nationalism. The Democrats are going out of their way to adapt themselves to Trump, downplaying the significance of his fascistic rhetoric and holding out the prospect for working together after the election.

Both the Democrats and Republicans are parties of the corporate and financial elite, dedicated to the expansion of war abroad, the continued destruction of democratic rights at home, and the intensification of the assault on the working class. Whatever happens in the elections, it will set the stage for a further shift of the entire political establishment to the right.

The campaign of Niles Niemuth is the only genuinely socialist campaign in the midterm elections. Niles has directed his campaign to the working class, the broad mass of the population who are completely excluded from political life.

In campaigning throughout the district, Niles and his supporters encountered widespread support for socialism among workers and young people and growing disaffection with the entire political establishment. His campaign has answered the question that many are asking: What is socialism and how to fight for it?

A solution to all of the great problems confronting mankind—the growth of social inequality, the attack on immigrant workers and refugees, the expansion of global conflict, the destruction of democratic rights—depends on the independent organization and intervention of the working class on the basis of a socialist and revolutionary program.

A vote for Niles is vote for socialism! We urge all those who have supported the campaign to take the next step by joining the Socialist Equality Party.

To read more about the campaign of Niles Niemuth for Congress, visit niles2018.com