IYSSE spokesperson submits disciplinary complaint against right-wing extremist professor at Humboldt University in Berlin

The spokesperson for the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE) at Berlins Humboldt University, Sven Wurm, has filed a disciplinary complaint against Professor Jörg Baberowski following Baberowskis physical attack on Wurm. Baberowski tore down IYSSE campaign posters in the Student Parliament (StuPa) elections, and then attacked Wurm because Wurm had documented Baberowskis illegal removal of the posters. A video of Baberowskis tearing down of the posters and attack on Wurm can be viewed here.

Below is the text of the disciplinary complaint filed with the university administration:

Dear Ms. Kunst,

Dear Mr. Kronthaler,

Dear Mr. Keller,

As a member of the Student Parliament and a student of history at Humboldt University, I would like to inform you that Professor Jörg Baberowski attacked me physically last Thursday and tore down and destroyed IYSSE posters for this year’s StuPa elections. I therefore hereby submit a complaint against Professor Baberowski.

The incident has been recorded on video. The video clearly shows Baberowski entering the staircase of a side wing of the HU main building holding numerous destroyed IYSSE posters in his hands. He goes up to a bulletin board where students hang posters and announcements, and from there he tears down six more IYSSE election posters.

When I then filmed Baberowski and asked him why he was tearing down the posters, the professor became violent. “You’re not filming me,” he shouted at me. Then Baberowski attacked me and knocked my phone out of my hand.

A fellow student stood between me and Baberowski and tried to calm the professor down. “Shall I smash something in your face?” Baberowski threatened, with a raised fist. I asked Baberowski to stop the attacks, to which Baberowski replied, “You are leaving now, but very quickly. One more step, friend!” Afterwards, Baberowski quickly left the scene of the crime. All this is recorded on video. (See https://youtu.be/QptQWEsR5Hk).

Professor Baberowski physically attacked me to prevent a video recording of his gross violation of the democratic right of students to engage in political activities at the university.

Baberowski’s vandalism, vulgar threats and assault constitute a serious obstruction of the IYSSE’s election campaign for the Student Parliament. Our posters have repeatedly been systematically torn down and our work obstructed. It is now becoming apparent that Baberowski, a member of the university staff, is directly involved.

Baberowski’s action is not only an attack on the fundamental democratic rights of students and the autonomy of student self-administration, it is also criminal in several respects. In addition to damaging property, he seeks to prevent students from advertising their list in the StuPa elections by means of bodily harm and coercion.

Baberowski’s violent actions cannot be tolerated, let alone justified by the university. He must be held accountable for his violent attack.

Students have the right to hold their elections and discuss politics without being threatened and beaten by university staff. The university is obliged to provide students with a safe environment, free from intimidation and violence. I therefore call on you to take disciplinary action against Professor Baberowski.

Yours sincerely,

Sven Wurm