Louisiana voters: Put the Socialist Equality Party on the ballot!

The Socialist Equality Party (US) appeals to our supporters in Louisiana to help secure ballot access for our presidential candidate Joseph Kishore and vice-presidential candidate Norissa Santa Cruz in the November general election.

The SEP needs eight electors in Louisiana—one from each of the state’s six congressional districts plus two at-large—to sign notarized affidavits stating that they will accept the nomination of the SEP’s candidates should the SEP win the state in the general election. We ask all those willing to volunteer to contact the SEP as soon as possible.

The response of the ruling class to the COVID-19 pandemic has completely exposed the bankruptcy of the capitalist system. After funneling trillions of dollars to Wall Street, the ruling class is now insisting that workers return to work, even as the pandemic is raging out of control.

There is growing anger and opposition in the working class, which finds no expression within the two-party system. The Trump administration is escalating its drive to authoritarianism and dictatorship through the deployment of federal paramilitary forces in Portland and other cities. The Democrats are preparing to nominate Biden, a trusted representative of the financial oligarchy and the military-intelligence agencies.

Masses of workers and youth are moving to the left, and there is growing support for socialism. The raging pandemic and the disastrous social crisis facing tens of millions of people is fueling explosive social conflicts.

Widespread anger and opposition found initial expression in the wave of demonstrations that followed the police murder of George Floyd on May 25. But deeper issues are involved. The coming period will see a growing movement of the working class, in the US and internationally, against inequality, war, authoritarianism and the capitalist system.

That is why it is necessary to build a new political leadership within the working class, one that unifies and mobilizes workers and youth on the basis of an international socialist program. The SEP's 2020 election campaign is giving a voice to all those who seek a genuine socialist political alternative to the capitalist system and its big-business parties, the Democrats and Republicans.

Louisiana supporters, please contact us today to become an elector for your district to help get the SEP on the ballot.