Andre Damon speaks to Rolling Stone on internet censorship and Trump’s coup attempt

On Friday, Rolling Stone’s Useful Idiots podcast, hosted by journalists Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper, featured an interview with WSWS reporter Andre Damon.

Damon spoke on the censorship of left-wing viewpoints by Google, Twitter and other technology companies, as well as the January 6 coup attempt by US President Donald Trump.

Andre Damon on the Useful Idiots podcast

Asked to comment on Twitter’s deletion of Trump’s Twitter account, Damon drew a clear distinction between this action and censorship of left-wing viewpoints.

“We really draw a distinction between the censorship of left-wing political organizations and the action taken by Twitter to remove Trump’s Twitter account under conditions where he’s actively inciting violence against his political opponents and attempting to overthrow democratic forms in the United States,” Damon said.