IYSSE (Sri Lanka) to hold online meeting on US debacle in Afghanistan

The International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE) in Sri Lanka will hold an online meeting to discuss the political implications of the recent fall of the US puppet regime in Afghanistan. Titled “The debacle of US imperialism in Afghanistan,” the meeting will be held on ZOOM at 7p.m., Friday September 10.

The sudden fall of the US puppet regime in Afghanistan three weeks ago, and Washington’s withdrawal of its last troops on Monday, constituted a humiliating debacle for US imperialism.

The two-decade war in Afghanistan was part of Washington’s strategy to control Central Asia, and the “world Island” of Eurasia, and to strengthen the position of US imperialism, not just against its main rivals—China and Russia—but the European imperialist powers, its supposed allies.

The human and social costs of this war were catastrophic. According to massively understated figures, the war claimed the lives of 170,000 Afghans and several thousand US soldiers. The US-backed Afghanistan regime was imposed by the criminal invasion and occupation, promoted on the basis of lies, and maintained in power through assassination, torture and the bombing of civilians.

The victory of the Taliban insurgency not only reveals the failure of Washington’s policies in Afghanistan, but the failure of the overall strategy that has guided the actions of US imperialism for decades, domestically and abroad.

The only way to defeat the danger of imperialist war is to build an international anti-war movement of the working class and youth, based on socialist policies. This program will be reviewed in detail at the forthcoming IYSSE meeting.

We urge students, youth, workers, intellectuals and all World Socialist Web Site readers to attend this meeting and participate in the discussion.

Date: Friday, September 10

Time: 7 p.m.

Please register for the meeting here.