Video: Capitalism, the climate-change catastrophe and the fight against Australia’s anti-democratic electoral laws

In this video, members of the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE) condemn the refusal of the Australian government, and all of its counterparts, to take the action required to halt the environmental crisis.

They explain that climate change, as well as the disaster wrought by the pandemic, are the outcome of capitalism, and its subordination of all aspects of life to the profit interests of a corporate oligarchy. The young socialists explain that ending the climate disaster and the pandemic requires an independent movement of the working class, aimed at reorganisation social and economic life from top to bottom.

This, they insist, must be linked to a fight against Australia’s anti-democratic laws, which seek to deregister alternative political parties, including the Socialist Equality Party. Find out about the electoral laws here and join the SEP/IYSSE campaign to defeat them.