Public meeting: Support the Socialist Equality Party in the Australian federal election!

The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) is launching its campaign in the Australian federal election with a public meeting this Monday, April 25 at 3 p.m. (AEST). The SEP urges workers, students, young people and all those interested in a socialist alternative to Labor, the Liberals and the Greens to attend.

The 2022 election campaign, among the most right-wing in Australian history, is being held under conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic which has killed almost 20 million people worldwide, the growing danger of nuclear war and rampaging inflation that is jeopardising the ability of whole sections of the population to meet their most basic needs.

The horrific death toll from the pandemic was not inevitable. It was the outcome of conscious decisions by virtually every capitalist government, including in Australia, to allow the virus to spread unchecked. The long-term implications of infection are only becoming known now, Long COVID and the possible lifelong health consequences for whole generations. The entire parliamentary cabal is responsible for this crime. Not one of them stood in opposition to the decisions of the unelected National Cabinet.

What they did agree to was the most gargantuan transfer of wealth from the government to corporations and the rich. That now must be repaid by the working class.

Labor, the Liberal-National Coalition and all the parliamentary parties agree on every substantive issue: escalating militarism and war, social spending cuts, handouts for the rich and big business and attacks on democratic rights. The Greens and various independents offer no alternative. They are capitalist outfits, all seeking to do a deal with Labor or even the Coalition.

The SEP is alone in explaining that the election will resolve nothing for working people. Whichever party forms government, it will implement the dictates of finance capital in Australia and internationally for a stepped-up onslaught against the working class, to pay for the deepest crisis of the capitalist system in 80 years.

The SEP is likewise the only party opposing the explosion of militarism and war, including Australia’s frontline participation in the US-led confrontations with Russia and China that threaten a global catastrophe.

In its campaign, the SEP is advancing a fighting socialist program of action for the growing sections of the working class entering into struggle against inflation, wage suppression and a deepening social crisis. Our campaign is directed towards the development of an international political movement of the working class, the formation of rank-and-file committees independent from the political elite and the unions, fighting for the overturn of capitalism, the source of the various existential threats facing humanity, and the establishment of socialism, a society based on social equality and genuine democracy.

At the meeting leading members of the SEP will outline the global context within which the election is occurring and will outline its socialist and internationalist program. Ample time will be provided for questions and discussion. Register today!

Authorised by Cheryl Crisp for the Socialist Equality Party, Suite 906, 185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000.