Will Lehman, rank-and-file candidate for UAW president, to appear on Turkish TV program Thursday

Will Lehman, the rank-and-file socialist candidate for United Auto Workers president in the US, will be interviewed on the DirenEmek program on Mukavemet TV in Turkey. 

The program will be broadcast live on YouTube this Thursday at 1:00 pm EST. Click to watch.

Lehman is running in the elections on the basis of a program to transfer power from the union bureaucracy to the rank-and-file. The broad support for his campaign is part of a growing movement of workers throughout the US and around the world. This includes a de facto strike wave that broke out earlier this year in Turkey. 

Lehman will answer questions about his campaign, the response of workers in the US and his call for the international unity of the working class.

Watch and share the interview, which will be held live on Thursday at 1:00 pm EST.

For more information on Lehman’s campaign, visit WillforUAWPresident.org.