Video: SEP (Australia) launches electoral registration campaign

At public meetings over the past week in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle, the Socialist Equality Party (SEP) launched a major campaign for electoral registration.

The meetings outlined the need for a socialist and internationalist perspective to fight the Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. It exposed the bankrupt line of the Greens and pseudo-left groups who seek to subordinate opposition to the mass slaughter to impotent appeals to the Australian government which has supported it.

Speakers explained that as part of the fight to build the necessary socialist leadership in the working class, the SEP would be boldly campaigning for electoral registration. By securing 1,500 electoral members, the SEP could again stand in federal elections with its party name appearing on the ballot.

In launching the campaign, SEP assistant national secretary Max Boddy explained that when they came together to triple the membership requirement for registration in 2021, Labor and the Liberal-National Coalition were seeking to block workers from accessing a genuine alternative to the increasingly despised two-party system.

The SEP urges readers to sign up as electoral members, using the form below.