WSWS Commenting Discussion Rules

The World Socialist Web Site invites readers to post comments, ask questions or reply to other readers’ comments and questions. The purpose of the commenting section is to encourage intelligent, well-informed discussion and discourse on the important political, historical, social, scientific and cultural issues of the day.

Be polite: The World Socialist Web Site invites discussion on controversial topics and differing views, including views that differ from ours. However, when expressing differences, focus your remarks on the topic and the political issues and not on the person expressing a differing view. No personal attacks, name calling, libel or defamation will be permitted.

No bullying or threats of violence: No defamatory remarks are permitted against a person or group because of their race, gender, nationality, religion or sexual preference, age, disability, etc. No bullying of any kind against anyone is permitted. No threats of violence against any person, group or institution is permitted.

No obscenities: Do not use obscene language in your posts.

Use only your own work: What you post should be your own work. If you quote from someone else, give the proper attribution and abide by the “fair use” principles of copyright laws. You may link to relevant material as part of a discussion or to reference a point of view. Wholesale copying or linking will be blocked.

Do not pose as someone else: Do not choose a user name, post comments or write in any way that is designed to give the impression that the views and comments posted are coming from another person and not yourself.

Stay on topic: Keep your points to the topic of the article or the issue being discussed. Keep contributions to a few paragraphs totaling 400 words or less.

No personal information: Do not publish any personal information, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses etc.

No advertising: Posting of advertisements, promotions, recruitment, solicitation will not be permitted.

The WSWS reserves the right to moderate comments to ensure a balanced discussion as well as edit comments for brevity and clarity. The WSWS reserves the right to block or remove posts that violate the above rules. You are responsible for all content you post. The World Socialist Web Site does not necessarily endorse any of the views or comments posted.


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