The ICFI Defends Trotskyism

Resolution of the International Committee of the Fourth International on the Suspension of the Workers Revolutionary Party

December 16, 1985

The interim report of the International Control Commission has revealed that the WRP has carried out an historic betrayal of the ICFI and the international working class.

This betrayal consisted of the complete abandonment of the theory of permanent revolution, resulting in the pursuit of unprincipled relations with sections of the colonial bourgeoisie in return for money.

These unprincipled relations were concealed from the ICFI which was consistently lied to for almost a decade.

The interim report of the Control Commission has revealed the following:

(1) That two months prior to any discussion of work in the Middle East leaders of the WRP signed a secret agreement with the Libyan Jamahiriya which was never reported to the ICFI.

(2) That more than I million pounds was raised from reactionary and non-proletarian forces which was not reported to the ICFI.

(3) That the WRP supported the execution of 21 members of the Iraqi Communist Party in 1979.

The principal architect of these betrayals was G. Healy, aided by A. Mitchell and V. Redgrave. However, the political responsibility for the nationalist degeneration which allowed these practices to be carried out rests with the entire leadership of the WRP.

WRP leaders blocked discussion of differences on the party’s political line both in the British section and in the International Committee.

The ICFI does not seek to blame any individual leader but holds the entire leadership responsible.

In order to defend its principles and integrity, the ICFI therefore suspends the WRP as the British section until the calling of an emergency Congress of the ICFI no later than March 1, following the 8th Congress of the WRP.

That emergency ICFI Congress upon hearing the full report of the Control Commission on all the facts concerning these unprincipled relationships, will determine the relationship between the ICFI and the WRP.

In the meantime the ICFI calls on all leaders and members of the WRP to loyally collaborate with the IC Control Commission, to make available all files and records so that it can complete its report, and to defend all the principles of the ICFI in accordance with its democratic centralist practice.

Revolutionary Communist League of Sri Lanka
Socialist Labour League of Australia
Liga Comunista of Peru
Bund Sozialistischer Arbeiter of West Germany
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