For a global strategy to stop the pandemic and save lives!
On Sunday, August 22, the World Socialist Web Site hosted an online event featuring leading scientists from around the world. It discussed the realistic and achievable measures that must be taken to eradicate the coronavirus, stop the wave of death and end the pandemic. Its aim was to provide the public with the information and knowledge it needs to initiate a broad-based and determined world-wide popular movement to end the pandemic and reclaim the future.
This event featured distinguished scientists who have been in the forefront of the global fight for eradication: Professor Yaneer Bar-Yam, Professor Michael Baker and Dr. Malgorzata Gasperowicz. It was moderated by World Socialist Web Site Editor David North.
The COVID-19 pandemic is escalating. Amid the global spread of the Delta variant, the number of daily new cases is approaching all-time highs. There are growing reports of breakthrough infections. Most ominously, the virus is infecting children in alarming numbers, resulting in long-term debilitation and even death.
Inadequate and even blatantly wrong policies have allowed the virus to spread and mutate into more infectious and vaccine-resistant variants. The drive to fully reopen schools worldwide, even as the virus spreads out of control, is socially irresponsible and ignores the scientifically established facts about viral transmission.
Current media talk about “learning to live with the pandemic” not only underestimates the extreme danger posed by a highly infectious virus. It also justifies the refusal to take the measures that are necessary to stop viral transmission and end the pandemic.
The world faces a stark alternative: Either the eradication of COVID-19 or the continuation of the pandemic for years to come, resulting in the long-term debilitation and deaths of millions of infected people.
Only the first alternative is acceptable. Without eradication, there can be no safe workplace, let alone a safe “return to schools.” There is no “acceptable” level of mortality which can be tolerated. The pandemic can and must be defeated, but the only effective and scientifically based strategy to save lives is one which is aimed at the eradication of COVID-19.
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