Sudan’s anti-government protests enter sixth week

By Jean Shaoul, 31 January 2019

President Omar al-Bashir can count on the support of the region’s dictators, all of whom hate each other but fear their own working class more.

Dozens killed in protests against austerity and repression in Sudan

By Jean Shaoul, 29 December 2018

That Sudan’s ruling elite has responded with such ferocity to these demonstrations testifies to the depth of the economic and political crisis.

Mass protests against austerity, unemployment shake Tunisia

By Bill Van Auken, 10 January 2018

Coming in the wake of similar upheavals by the most oppressed layers of workers and youth in Iran, the Tunisian events are indicative of a rising tide of global class struggle.

The roots of the social catastrophe in South Sudan

By Eddie Haywood, 26 July 2017

Triumphal proclamations in 2011 from Western governments that independence would bring peace and democracy to the world’s newest nation have been completely discredited.

South Sudan civil war causing widespread famine

By Thomas Gaist, 1 March 2017

Six years after the US-backed partition of Sudan, the newly autonomous, oil-wealthy South Sudan is beset by spreading famine and a raging civil war.

South Sudan government approves 4,000-strong UN force

By Thomas Gaist, 16 August 2016

The military operation is empowered to conduct offensive operations against units loyal to both the government and the opposition.

Amid surging refugee crisis in East Africa

US backs deployment of UN military unit for offensive operations in South Sudan

By Eddie Haywood, 11 August 2016

US Africa Command (AFRICOM) dispatched dozens of US Marines to South Sudan’s capital of Juba last week.

Japan exploits violence in South Sudan to dispatch military

By Ben McGrath, 16 July 2016

While portrayed as a rescue mission, the deployment of additional Japanese troops to Africa marks an expansion of Japan’s role on the continent.

US Marines deploy to South Sudan

By Thomas Gaist, 14 July 2016

The deployment, carried out in the name of protecting US citizens, marks the latest escalation in the drive by US imperialism to assert control over Sudan and its oil resources.

UK to send troops to Somalia and South Sudan

By Jean Shaoul, 3 October 2015

The US and its European allies are engaged in a ferocious struggle with China for control of the oil resources in the Horn of Africa region.

Hundreds drown fleeing continued fighting in South Sudan

By Bill Van Auken, 15 January 2014

As many as 300 people drowned when an overloaded ferry that they had boarded to flee fighting in the city of Malakal sank Tuesday in the White Nile.

Attempt at ceasefire as military buildup continues in South Sudan

By Jean Shaoul, 28 December 2013

What is portrayed as a conflict within the world’s newest state is part of the imperialist balkanisation of Sudan to control its oil and mineral wealth.

US military forces mobilised amid South Sudan crisis

By Patrick O’Connor, 24 December 2013

A possible US-led intervention force is being readied in the context of heightened great power rivalries across Africa.

Washington issues warning as South Sudan slides toward civil war

By Bill Van Auken, 23 December 2013

President Obama’s warning followed the Pentagon’s dispatch of 45 US troops to the South Sudanese capital of Juba to secure the US embassy.

Sudan accuses Israel of bombing military factory in Khartoum

By Johannes Stern, 26 October 2012

Early Wednesday morning, an explosion hit the Yarmouk Military Industrial Complex in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

Protests in Sudan against austerity

By Jean Shaoul, 26 June 2012

Hundreds of university students have taken to the streets of the capital Khartoum for seven consecutive days to protests soaring inflation, corruption and the National Congress Party’s austerity programme.

No end in sight for Sudan/South Sudan conflict

By Jean Shaoul, 19 June 2012

Sudan and South Sudan broke off their ten-day-long meeting with no agreement on how to resolve the conflict that has brought the two countries to the brink of war.

Worsening conflict between Sudan and South Sudan

By Jean Shaoul, 28 April 2012

The fiercest fighting since South Sudan seceded from Sudan last July has erupted over borders, sharing of the oil revenues, citizenship rights and security arrangements.

Partition of Sudan prepares way for further conflicts

By Susan Garth, 12 July 2011

South Sudan formally declared its independence on July 9. President Barack Obama was among the first to recognise the new country. He welcomed the “birth of a new nation”.

US talks peace and prepares for war in Sudan

By Susan Garth, 16 June 2011

Washington has intervened in Libya with bombing raids aimed at overthrowing the Gaddafi regime. Now it is preparing another African intervention and has Sudan in his sights.

Social tensions worsen as south of Sudan votes for secession

By Ann Talbot, 7 February 2011

More than 100 people have been arrested this week after student protests at universities in Khartoum the capital of Sudan.

Sudan: A tale of blood and oil in Africa

By Ann Talbot, 11 January 2011

Media reports of the referendum to determine whether the southern provinces of Sudan should secede have taken on a celebratory character, even before the polls close at the end of the week.

Great power rivalries over oil animate Sudan secession referendum

By Jean Shaoul, 8 January 2011

An overwhelming vote for secession is expected in the referendum to be held in the south of the country beginning on Sunday.

Oil companies complicit in Sudan civil war, report alleges

By Brian Smith, 12 July 2010

A recent report by a group of NGOs alleges that an oil consortium led by Swedish firm Lundin Petroleum may have been complicit in “war crimes and crimes against humanity” in Sudan.

Pressure from US ensures Sudanese poll goes ahead, despite fraud

By Brian Smith, 4 May 2010

Sudan voted recently in the first multi-party elections since 1986.

Sri Lankan government launches “war on the underworld”

By Sarath Kumara, 3 August 2009

The increasingly militaristic character of the Sri Lankan government has been underscored by its declaration of a “war on the underworld”. Its purpose is to divert growing popular discontent and to justify the further strengthening of the state apparatus in preparation for social unrest.

Sudan: Humanitarian crisis in south as Comprehensive Peace Agreement unravels

By Brian Smith, 29 June 2009

Southern Sudan faces a massive humanitarian crisis in what the United Nation’s humanitarian coordinator for Sudan, Lise Grande, described as a “perfect storm”.