Survey of California’s community colleges reveals harmful impact of budget cuts

By Kevin Martinez and Juan Verala Luz, 14 September 2012

A survey released last week by the California Community Colleges system documents the desperate state of two-year colleges in the state.

More companies charged with manipulating California energy market

By Oliver Richards, 11 September 2012

California’s utilities monitoring agency has accused more companies of swindling the state’s electricity market since charges were filed against JPMorgan in July.

California raids special funds in attempt to fix budget

By Allison Smith and Rafael Azul, 10 September 2012

The administration of Governor Jerry Brown and the Democratic Party controlled legislature are intensifying the practice of raiding special funds, including some that provide vital services to Californians.

The reactionary essence of California’s Proposition 30

By David Brown, 8 September 2012

Proposition 30 will raise taxes on the working class in California without ending the cuts to education and social services.

California launches attack on public sector pensions

By Julien Kiemle, 6 September 2012

California’s Democratic-controlled legislature overwhelmingly passed a drastic pension reform bill and sent it to Governor Jerry Brown last Friday.

Democrats slash California workers’ compensation

By Don Knowland, 5 September 2012

California’s Democratic governor and legislators, with the collusion of major unions, have gutted the compensation and medical benefits of injured workers.

California Assembly passes resolution defining criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism

By Tom Carter, 4 September 2012

Last month, the California State Assembly passed a resolution urging state educational institutions to limit criticism of the state of Israel on campuses.

Stockton workers support SEP presidential campaign

By Karl Eisner, 30 August 2012

Socialist Equality Party campaigners spoke to farm workers in East Stockton, California.

Amidst cutbacks in mental health, California hospital faces closure

By Thomas Gaist, 28 August 2012

As part of the attack on social services, the Sonoma Developmental Center in northern California is threatened with permanent closure.

California austerity: Student assistant jobs on the chopping block

By Julien Kiemle, 17 August 2012

As part of a deal between the administration of Governor Jerry Brown and California’s biggest public employee union, student workers are being pitted against their full-time counterparts.

San Bernardino residents speak on bankruptcy filing

By Dan Conway, 14 August 2012

The city of San Bernardino, California, population 210,000, has recently become the second largest city to file for bankruptcy protection in US history.

Outrage over police violence at Anaheim, California city council meeting

By our reporters, 11 August 2012

Attended by hundreds of residents, the first Anaheim, California city council meeting since last month’s police violence and popular unrest took place Wednesday.

“The police defend the wealthy”—brother of murdered man

WSWS speaks to victims of police violence in Anaheim, California

By our reporters, 11 August 2012

WSWS reporters spoke to several audience members at the Anaheim city council meeting August 8, including relatives of those killed by police.

California cities facing bankruptcy

By David Brown, Don Knowland and Kevin Martinez, 9 August 2012

Following the announcement earlier this month that San Bernardino, a city of 210,000, will file for bankruptcy, more California cities face the prospect of becoming insolvent.

Northern California refinery fire spreads toxic fumes

By David Brown, 8 August 2012

For the fourth time in the past 18 years, Chevron’s Richmond, CA refinery has caught on fire, blanketing thousands of homes in toxic smoke.

Massive police deployment against Anaheim, California protests

By our reporters, 31 July 2012

Police in Anaheim, California deployed huge numbers of officers in military fashion over the weekend, in response to several hundred protesters demonstrating against the killing of Manuel Diaz.

Protests, police repression continue in Anaheim, California

By Kimie Saito, 26 July 2012

At least two dozen people were arrested on Tuesday night, as police responded to protests over the shooting of an unarmed man in Anaheim, California with bean bag guns, batons and pepper balls.

Police violence in Anaheim: The class issues

Statement by Jerry White, SEP candidate for US president

Jerry White and SEP candidate for US president, 26 July 2012

Police brutality is directed at all sections of the working class, white, black, Hispanic, Asian and immigrant.

Anaheim, California residents speak out on police killing

By Toby Reese, Kimie Saito and D. Lencho, 25 July 2012

Protests in Anaheim, California continued on Tuesday amidst mass anger over the police killing of an unarmed man. The WSWS spoke to several residents.

Protesters opposing police killing attacked in Anaheim, California

By David Brown, 23 July 2012

Following a police shooting of an unarmed man in Anaheim, California, officers fired rubber bullets and sent a police dog against a crowd of residents who were demanding an explanation.

JPMorgan Chase investigated for manipulating California energy market

By Oliver Richards, 23 July 2012

The California Independent Systems Operator (CalISO) has alleged that JPMorgan Chase & Co. manipulated the state’s energy market, resulting in at least $73 million in improper payments.

City College of San Francisco threatened with loss of accreditation

By Julian Quinn, 19 July 2012

The institution responsible for accrediting community colleges is threatening to to revoke approval of the largest community college in the country in order to pressure it to raise tuitions, slash wages and cut programs.

Deep budget cuts in Los Angeles, California court system

By Roseanna Donatello, 30 June 2012

The Los Angeles County Superior Court system, the largest in the country, already sustaining a budget loss of $70 million, has had its budget slashed another $30 million.

Biggest ever US municipal bankruptcy

Stockton, California slashes workers’ health benefits ahead of bankruptcy filing

By David Brown and Barry Grey, 28 June 2012

Stockton, California, a city of nearly 300,000, is set to become the largest municipality in US history to file for bankruptcy, with devastating implications for current and retired city workers and the working class population as a whole.

SEP campaigns against budget cuts in California

By a WSWS reporting team, 26 June 2012

Campaigners for the Socialist Equality Party spoke with workers and students in Sacramento, California about the party’s presidential election campaign.

California budget agreement imposes huge cuts in welfare and health care

By Dan Conway, 23 June 2012

The agreement between Democratic Party Governor Jerry Brown and legislative leaders will slash welfare spending and reduce child care coverage and college aid. It is part of a broader austerity campaign that has one the support of the trade unions.

San Jose, California, leads assault on public pensions

By Julian Quinn, 19 June 2012

The pension benefits of city workers in San Jose, California will be slashed following the passage of a ballot measure.

SEP campaigns in California

By a WSWS reporting team, 19 June 2012

In both Northern and Southern California, campaigners for the Socialist Equality Party spoke to workers and students about budget cuts in the state and Jerry White’s presidential campaign.

Stockton, California moves closer to bankruptcy

By Kevin Kearney, 18 June 2012

Stockton, California will potentially declare bankruptcy as early as June 25, tearing up the contracts of public employees. This would mark the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history.

Workers speak on California unemployment crisis

By Kevin Martinez and Allison Smith, 13 June 2012

The WSWS spoke to workers and job-seekers at a career assistance center in Los Angeles.

Southern California public education unions agree to attacks on membership

By Dan Conway, 12 June 2012

The United Teachers of Los Angles has agreed to 10 additional unpaid furlough days for the upcoming school year, just a few weeks after the passage of an identical agreement by the Service Employees International Union.

SEIU trade union supports California budget cuts

By Allison Smith, 8 June 2012

With the support of the SEIU, Governor Jerry Brown is attempting to sugar coat massive cuts to social services and increased taxes on the poor, with a token tax on the rich.

Steelworkers union undermines Northern California refinery workers strike

By David Brown, 30 May 2012

For the second time in three months, workers at Tesoro’s Golden Eagle Refinery have authorized a strike.

Oppose Brown’s cuts in California

Jerry White and SEP candidate for US President, 22 May 2012

This statement has been issued by SEP presidential candidate Jerry White.

Unemployed California workers face termination of benefits

By Rafael Azul and Roseanna Donatello, 21 May 2012

California’s unemployment rate has declined from 11 percent in March to 10.9 percent in April because many workers have simply stopped looking for work, according to figures released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

University of California outlines future police action against student protests

By Jack Hood, 18 May 2012

As part of the whitewashing of police violence against student protesters, the UC system has released a shallow and hypocritical report on how campus police should respond to demonstrations.

California governor demands massive new cuts in response to budget revision

By Rafael Azul, 16 May 2012

On Monday, California’s Democratic Party Mayor Jerry Brown called for drastic cuts in health care and government worker pay, two days after the state announced a projected deficit increase of nearly $7 billion for next year.

Drastic cuts planned as California state government announces huge deficit increase

By David Brown, 14 May 2012

In just four months, California's projected deficit nearly doubled, sparking more calls for austerity from Democratic Party Governor Jerry Brown.

Water contamination in Maywood, California

By Marc Wells, 14 May 2012

Maywood, California in Los Angeles County is one of many US cities suffering from a lack of access to one of the most basic requirements of modern society: clean drinking water.

CSU students go on hunger strike against tuition hikes

By Kevin Martinez, 11 May 2012

Students protesting budget cuts at California State University started a hunger strike as trustees voted on another presidential pay raise.

4,500 nurses walk out in northern California

By David Brown, 4 May 2012

On May 1, thousands of protesters marched and rallied around the Bay Area, and several unions called one day strikes.

California budget crisis continues to grow

By Jack Cody, 1 May 2012

California state controller John Chiang last week reported that the state fell $233.5 million short of revenue expectations for the month of March; $125.8 million of that figure, or 54 percent, comes from a shortfall in corporate income tax revenue.

California State University faculty to vote on possible strike

By Kevin Martinez, 28 April 2012

Members of the California Faculty Association (CFA) are voting on strike authorization if they are unable to reach a deal with the CSU administration over a contract dispute.

Oakland, California: Charter school head investigated for fraud

By Russell Roller, 24 April 2012

Against the recommendations of the city’s own charter school board, the Oakland school board voted to renew the license for American Indian Public School II.

No end in sight for mass unemployment in California

By Julian Quinn, 23 April 2012

Nearly 11 percent of California’s labor force is officially unemployed nearly two years after the supposed end of the recession in the US.

University of California, Davis “pepper spray incident” reports made public

By Jack Hood, 17 April 2012

Two reports found that UC Davis police and administrators did not hesitate to attack students, used unauthorized means of violence.

Jerry White addresses election meeting in Maywood, California

By our correspondents, 14 April 2012

On Thursday evening, Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate Jerry White addressed an election meeting in Maywood, California, a predominantly Hispanic city in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, in which he took on directly the issue of identity politics.

Shakespeare’s The Merchant Of Venice: A world consumed with trade and commerce

By Richard Adams and Ramón Valle, 14 April 2012

The production of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice now running at Theatre Banshee in Burbank, California is vibrant and refreshing.

Jerry White speaks on the crisis of American democracy at San Diego meeting

By Toby Reese, 13 April 2012

Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate Jerry White spoke at a meeting at San Diego State University Wednesday night. The talk focused on the 2012 elections and the erosion of democracy and democratic rights in the United States.

SEP campaigns among immigrant workers in Maywood, California

By Kimie Saito and Ramon Valle, 12 April 2012

Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate Jerry White will be speaking today at a meeting in Maywood, a predominantly Hispanic section of Los Angeles County.

California prepares thousands of government layoffs

By David Brown, 11 April 2012

Under the guise of “increasing efficiency,” California Governor Jerry Brown has proposed a reorganization of state agencies that would result in the elimination of around 3,000 jobs.

Santa Monica College votes to postpone tuition increase following pepper spraying

By Kevin Martinez, 10 April 2012

While the vote to postpone the two-tier tuition system is being cast as a victory for students opposed to the attack on public education and police repression on campus, in reality it is only a maneuver to buy time.

Police pepper spray students protesting tuition hikes in California

By Kevin Martinez, 5 April 2012

At least two people were hospitalized and several others injured when police used pepper spray against a crowd of 100 people trying to enter a a Board of Trustees meeting at Santa Monica College in California.

Adelanto, California: Parents defeat effort to privatize local school

By Jack Cody, 3 April 2012

A local school board voted to deny a petition to change Desert Trails Elementary in Adelanto, California, to a charter school.

More than 20,000 California teachers receive preliminary layoff notices

By Rafael Azul, 23 March 2012

On March 15, California schools handed out 20,000 layoff notices to teachers and other employees in all the school districts across the state.

California community college introduces two-tier tuition system

By Alfonso Santana, D. Lencho and Kevin Martinez, 22 March 2012

Students at Santa Monica Community College spoke to the WSWS on the introduction of a two-tiered system to charge substantially more for high-demand classes.

Jerry White explains socialist perspective in Northern California meetings

By our reporter, 15 March 2012

SEP presidential candidate Jerry White spoke at meetings in Berkeley and Sacramento, California this week. Both meetings were well-attended and included a wide-ranging discussion on the basic issues of the election campaign.

Successful start to SEP West Coast campaign

By our reporter, 10 March 2012

Jerry White and supporters concluded a campaign stop in San Diego, California on Friday. Discussions with students at San Diego State University followed a successful public meeting the previous evening.

California’s March 5 “Day of Action” draws over 10,000 students

By Jack Hood, 7 March 2012

The California State Capitol Building in Sacramento was the scene of a series of demonstrations Monday against further tuition fee hikes, budget cuts and privatization at the state’s public universities.

Stockton, California seeks bankruptcy

By Kevin Kearney, 6 March 2012

Stockton—California’s 13th largest city—is considering filing bankruptcy under Chapter 9 of federal bankruptcy law.

California’s draft budget attacks public school system

By Rafael Azul, 22 February 2012

California Governor Brown is using the budget to attack and dismantle public schools and community colleges.

California hunger striker dies as prison conditions deteriorate

By Jack Hood, 21 February 2012

Christian Alexander Gomez, a 27 year-old inmate, died last week at the Corcoran State Prison in California after four days on a hunger strike to protest poor conditions.

The Miramonte scandal and the crisis of public education in California

By Dan Conway, 20 February 2012

Miramonte Elementary, the largest public elementary school in the Los Angeles area, has been rocked in recent weeks by a scandal involving alleged inappropriate acts committed by teachers.

Study shows harmful impact of economic crisis on California’s women

By Kevin Martinez, 17 February 2012

California women are suffering from the effects of the economic crisis at a rate disproportionate to the population overall, new data reveals.

California deepens cuts to social safety net

By Kevin Martinez, 17 February 2012

The Democratic administration of Governor Jerry Brown is poised to inflict more severe austerity in the coming year.

Budget cuts hit California State University

By Allison Smith, 14 February 2012

California State University Northridge has announced a cap on the number of credits most students can carry. More tuition hikes may be on the horizon.

Oakland proposes anti-protest measure after police crackdown

By David Brown, 8 February 2012

Emboldened by the successful arrests of around 400 protesters last week, the city government of Oakland, California is hoping to curb all future protests through stricter enforcement of permit laws.

Hundreds arrested in police crackdown on Oakland protests

By Jack Hood, 30 January 2012

Police in Oakland, California used rubber bullets, flash bangs, smoke grenades, bean bag guns, batons and tear gas to suppress the demonstrations. At least one person was hospitalized with serious injuries.

Two dozen arrested in San Francisco, California Occupy march

By Jack Hood, 26 January 2012

About two thousand people participated in demonstrations on Friday in San Francisco, and police in riot gear responded with 24 arrests.

Police repress protest against tuition hikes at UC Riverside

By Juan Verala Luz, 24 January 2012

Two people were arrested, and police used pellets and batons against a protest last week in Riverside, California.

California food workers union reaches agreement with Food 4 Less

By Jack Cody, 24 January 2012

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union has reached an agreement with the Food 4 Less supermarket chain in Southern California that ties wage increases to higher health premiums.

Iraq war veteran accused of killing four homeless men in Southern California

By Dan Conway, 23 January 2012

Police in Anaheim, California arrested a suspect believed to be responsible for four murders of homeless men in the surrounding area over the past four weeks.

1,500 Oakland, California city workers to be laid off

By Russel Roller, 21 January 2012

Layoff notices are expected for about 1,500 city workers in Oakland, California this week. Of these, 200 are projected for February 1.

California budget proposal promises more cuts

By David Brown, 20 January 2012

Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed budget involves significant cuts to social services and a sales tax increase that would predominantly affect the working class.

LA schools agreement to give unions greater role in imposing cuts

By David Brown and Dan Conway, 11 January 2012

The Los Angeles Unified School District, with the support of the teachers’ union, has enacted a plan that would bypass traditional job protections in the name of giving more autonomy to local schools.

California nurses strike against cutbacks and concessions

By Rafael Azul and Kim Saito, 24 December 2011

Some 6000 nurses in California went on a one-day protest strike on Thursday December 22. The nurses are demanding decent staffing levels, health benefits, and sick leave.

Children of welfare recipients in California forced to pay for welfare debt

By Kevin Martinez, 20 December 2011

The practice of fining the children for debts incurred by their parents has been going on for years by the California Department of Social Services, targeting family members of welfare recipients for collections, even if a family member was a minor when the alleged debt occurred.

West Coast demonstrations target port operators

By David Brown, 14 December 2011

On Monday, protesters sought to shut down ports across the West Coast. They succeeded in disrupting the ports in Oakland, Longview, and Portland, and caused temporary delays in Seattle and Long Beach.

California governor to enact midyear trigger cuts

By Jack Cody, 13 December 2011

Midway through the 2011-2012 fiscal year, California Governor Jerry Brown is preparing for billions of dollars in new cuts, targeting public education and the most vulnerable sections of the population.

Police arrest over 70 in attack on Occupy San Francisco encampment

By James Brewer, 8 December 2011

One hundred police in riot gear laid siege to the Occupy San Francisco encampment in a surprise early morning raid.

Los Angeles police infiltrate Occupy LA

By our reporter, 6 December 2011

Undercover Los Angeles Police Department officers began infiltrating the Occupy LA encampment at least two weeks before the police raid on November 30.

Occupy UC Davis protesters adopt resolution calling for break with Democratic Party

By David Brown, 1 December 2011

The resolution, presented by a member of the International Students for Social Equality, denounces the attack on UC Davis students, and calls for an independent social and political movement of the entire working class.

Students protest tuition hikes and police violence at UC Davis

By our reporters, 29 November 2011

Several hundred students at the University of California, Davis participated in protests on Monday in opposition to tuition increases and the pepper spraying of peaceful protesters.

UC Davis Chancellor Katehi’s past: Police repression in Greece, FBI spying in the US

By Jack Hood, 28 November 2011

The UC Davis chancellor who ordered police action against peaceful protesters is a prime example of the growing nexus between corporate CEOs, academic administrators and the police-intelligence apparatus.

International statements of support for UC Davis protests

26 November 2011

Members and supporters of the International Students for Social Equality discuss the political and international significance of the attack on Occupy protesters at the University of California, Davis.

Thousands rally at UC Davis against police brutality and education cuts

By Jack Hood, 23 November 2011

Over 5,000 students gathered on the University of California, Davis quad to protest police brutality, social inequality, and tuition hikes. During a general assembly, the students voted in favor of a university strike, to be held on November 28.

The police assault at University of California, Davis

By Jerry White, 23 November 2011

The November 18 police assault on protesting students at University of California, Davis has exposed the reactionary and brutal character of political, social and economic relations in the United States.

Opposition grows to police attack on UC Davis students

By Joseph Kishore, 22 November 2011

There are certain events that serve to lift the veil on class relations and become the focal point for mass public outrage. The deliberately vicious pepper spraying of peaceful protesters at the University of California, Davis is one of these events.

Thousands protest education fee hikes in California

By Jack Hood, 17 November 2011

Demonstrations against increases in tuition at state universities in California have merged with Occupy protests against inequality.

City of Sacramento criminalizes peaceful Occupy protest

By Kevin Kearney, 12 November 2011

Sacramento—the state capital of California and the home of Democratic Governor Jerry Brown—has spearheaded efforts to criminalize the Occupy protests over the last month.

Police attack Occupy protesters in Berkeley, California

By James Eckelburt, 11 November 2011

Police attacked a demonstration in Berkeley, California on Wednesday, hitting students and youth with batons and arresting nearly 40. One graduate student was sent to the campus health center with serious injuries.

Occupy Los Angeles: “Obama promised us hope and change, and we got war and poverty instead.”

By our reporters, 9 November 2011

The Occupy Los Angeles movement has entered its second month, with several hundred protesters encamped next to city hall.

California Governor Jerry Brown proposes public pension rollbacks

By Kevin Martinez, 9 November 2011

Democratic Governor Jerry Brown of California unveiled a proposal last week outlining a series of attacks on public employees and their right to a secure retirement.

Arrests follow Occupy Oakland demonstrations

By David Brown, 4 November 2011

A one-day protest in Oakland, California on Wednesday was followed by early morning arrests and tear gas, while the trade unions moved quickly to reopen ports that were closed for the evening.

Thousands march in Oakland to defend Occupy movement

By Jerry White, 3 November 2011

Thousands of protesters participated in a day of marches and demonstrations in Oakland, California Wednesday, eight days after a violent attack by police on the Occupy Oakland encampment.

Police raid Occupy San Diego, make 51 arrests

By our reporters, 29 October 2011

Police carried out a raid early Friday morning on Occupy San Diego, making 51 arrests and clearing out protesters who had been maintaining their encampment for three weeks.

Occupy Oakland votes for general strike

By Jack Hood, 28 October 2011

About three thousand people gathered in Oakland, California Wednesday voted to call for a general strike on November 2 in response to the police crackdown on protesters.

Amidst police crackdown, widespread public support for Occupy movement

By Joseph Kishore, 27 October 2011

Recent polls show widespread popular support for the Occupy Wall Street movement and its basic aims, centered on opposition to inequality and corporate domination of politics. The growth of support comes as local governments, implicitly backed by the Obama administration, are moving to shut down demonstrations―in some cases, violently.

Thousands march to denounce police brutality against Occupy Oakland

By Fred Williams, 27 October 2011

Protests spread Wednesday night in Oakland, California and throughout the country, a day after police attacked unarmed demonstrators with tear gas, flash grenades, wounding several. Over one hundred were arrested, and there were several injuries.

Violent crackdown on Occupy protesters in Oakland, California

By Fred Williams and Joseph Kishore, 26 October 2011

Police violently attacked hundreds of demonstrators in Oakland, California on Tuesday night, in part of a coordinated attempt to disperse occupy encampments in several cities throughout the US.