Letters on Israeli army reservists’ protest

The following is a selection of letters to the WSWS on the January 31 article “Israeli army reservists refuse to serve in occupied territories.”

Thank God, for the 70 Israeli reservists who will not be part of Ariel Sharon’s legacy of blood and violence. They are heroes of a grand nature ... they are truly peacemakers ... truly souls of compassion. Beautiful human qualities. They give me hope.


1 February 2002

Thank you for your article on Israeli reservists ... what a fresh outlook in the midst of a grossly biased media.

1 February 2002

As I sit here in my hotel room reading your article on my laptop, I start to cry because I know there are some great people out there despite their origin. I am Palestinian and I know I would not harm Jews no matter what I was told. We are all people and we must see beyond what is staged.

Thank you,

1 February 2002

Thank you for writing this article, although I don’t think many will care about what or whom Palestinians are. The IDF is worse than Hitler ever was to the Jews of Europe. History does repeat itself, my friend. Again, thank you.

31 January 2002

Dear Editor,

How absolutely hypocritical of the Israel government to denounce the brave soldiers that are refusing to participate in the brutal killings of Palestinians in the occupied territory of the Palestinian people. Truly, I had given up hope! Germany had their valiant officers in all branches of the military, who tried to resist the demonic rule of Hitler, yet had to pay a heavy price for it. (Under a dictatorship, that was then.) Those brave men are to be applauded and supported in every way possible!

People that feel sorry for not having killed someone 20 years ago, are they really qualified to lead a nation? Their mentality creates great doubt in my mind they are fit for an important job like this!

But then, I am only a simple man, loving my neighbor, trying to live in piece and harmony with everyone! I, at least, can sleep in peace! I don’t hear the screams of the innocent blood, crying out to heaven!

Yet I feel deeply, for the human beings being slaughtered on both sides.

God loves every human being!

With profound sadness, I remain,


31 January 2002