Letters to the WSWS on "The Killing of Daniel Pearl"

Dear Mr. North,

Your article entitled “The Killing of Daniel Pearl” is excellent. It gives a model of humanity to use in understanding this senseless event. Your ability to view the world as an American without viewing it as a jingoist is admirable. You are the only author I have read since the event occurred who is willing to write honestly and truthfully on this subject.

Your perspective is separated from the others by your humanist outlook, your unwillingness to evoke nationalist stereotypes and the sincere sense of the sadness this event has evoked in you.

I share your horror and sadness at Mr. Pearl’s murder and thank you for your courage in writing something that helps to understand the events and the motivations that led to it.


New York

23 February 2002

This is one of the best-written, elegantly structured editorials I have seen. Such balanced and sensitive writing is impressive and one that merits a wider audience.


24 February 2002

There is a mountain of evidence, circumstantial to be sure, that leads me and others to believe there is a 90 percent chance that the Bush administration was complicit in the September 11 events. In that case, we must round up every Republican. Then, we must decide to consider them Taliban or Al Qaeda. Either way, they are a danger to America and decent people everywhere. I would suggest we move them to Afghanistan, and move an equal number of Afghans here and let them occupy the property of the Republicans.

Watergate, an act of subversion, was followed by evidence trickling out and finally the appearance of the smoking gun. In Iran/Contra, an act of subversion and treason, there was a similarly long tortuous search for the smoking gun. This is the third strike. Republicans support a “three strikes and you’re out” method for dealing with repeat criminals. That’s the least we can do for them.



1 March 2002

Dear Madam and Sirs,

I am so thrilled to read most of your articles. I find them truthful and courageous. Those articles me give me hope that Bush will not win this war against freedom. I am against violence of any sort but I am, like you, against dictatorship.

This war against terrorism is turning into war against freedom and for repression.

Please carry on this noble task. Freedom and justice is what the US should be fighting for.

Kind regards,


25 February 2002

Dear Sirs,

I’m a reader from Spain. I’m a practicing Muslim. Some weeks ago I discovered your site on the Internet. I didn’t need much time to see that your site was unique. First of all, you tell the truth in your articles, a strange luxury nowadays. I’m religious, so sometimes I disagree with some of your opinions. For example, for us our religion, Islam, doesn’t push us to take a reactionary approach, but to look for a better way of life and a bigger degree of solidarity towards people around us. Of course there are extremists in our religion but they aren’t a majority.

Secondly, your articles are excellent. Every claim is based on firm and clear foundations, with lots of quotations. Every morning when I enter the Internet your site is the first I visit. I encourage you to continue like that. The world needs people like you.

Best wishes


23 February 2002

Dear WSWS Editorial Board:

Your editorials are insightful, well-written, and very refreshing from the regurgitated, group-think material in mainstream media.


Brisbane, Australia

25 February 2002